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The abc's of diapering, quick tips for new mums

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby! one thing you can expect when you have a little one in your life?  is A lot of diapers. With diapering on your daily to-do list multiple times. Here are a few things  to know:

Newborn poop is called meconium and it's more like tar than actual poop. It's black and sticky and hard to remove. After each diaper change, just slather some petroleum jelly right on baby’s bottom. This keeps baby’s bottom nice and clean from meconium. See, the next time baby poops, the poop will slide right off! 

As your baby grows older to prevent a spray of pee from hitting the wall (or you!), cover your baby’s penis with a clean diaper, wipe, or washcloth before you change him. This will help block any unintentional streams.

To keep your baby boy sitting comfortably, put a thin coating of ointment on his bottom and around his penis every time you change him. This will protect your baby's sensitive skin from the bacteria and irritants in feces and urine — and keep it silky smooth.

Whether boy or girl Use the right diaper for your child!  Saving money is important, but more so is the comfort and cleanliness of your child.  Start with small packs of diapers until you know that a specific brand is going to work for you, then buy in bulk to save money.

It should fit your baby snug around both the waist and around the legs to prevent leakage, but not be so tight that it leaves marks on the skin and the materials should not rub or irritate the baby’s skin.

We are all aware that we should wash our hands thoroughly after changing a diaper but, keep in mind that you might want to wash up beforehand too. You should try to keep your hands clean anytime you’ll be handling a baby, especially a newborn.

One recommendation would be to keep an antibacterial gel near the changing area. Just give your hands a quick cleaning before the change. Always remember to wipe baby from front to back and of course, wash-up when you are done!

If baby’s bottom is irritated, try rinsing it off with a slightly warm  water instead of using baby wipes which can actually irritate their little bottoms even further.

When it comes to sleep, There's nothing like the sight of a peacefully sleeping baby. But as many new parents can tell you, it's a sight they don't see nearly often enough. No child "sleeps through the night," but babies do reach the point where they get themselves back to sleep when they wake up periodically.  This can also be helped by having a good quality diaper that can help your baby get up to 12 hours of overnight protection, which helps him or her get the much needed uninterrupted sleep.  

Last but not least ,when diapering never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, or any elevated surface where you are changing them. Never tell a baby they are stinky or yucky. Having a negative attitude toward diaper changing can actually cause a baby to feel shame about their bodies and can hinder potty training, and I’m sure you like all parents, want your child potty trained as soon as possible!
Good luck with those diapers!

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