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Laundry is something that many of us do every day. Even if you've been doing laundry for years, there are times that the results are less than perfect. What went wrong? These tips will help you get the best results possible every time you do a load of laundry.


Selecting the right water temperature for each specific laundry load is key for success. Cold water works well for delicate fabrics, items that might shrink and sensitive dark colors that tend to bleed. Cold water also saves you money by reducing the cost of utilities. Warm water is appropriate for moderately soiled clothing and man-made fabrics. Hot water should be used for bedding and towels, cotton whites and heavily stained work clothes, specifically those with oil or grease stains.


One of the biggest laundry mistakes is using too much detergent. Overdosing detergent can create so many suds that they trap soil allowing it to redeposit on clothes. Try using one-half less than the recommended amount and see if you are pleased with the results. Your clothes will look better and you'll save money.


The key to successful stain removal is to act now! As soon as possible after stains occur, rinse or soak the garment in cold water, apply a stain remover and get it into the washer. If the stain is still there, never put the garment in the dryer. Use a stain remover and rewash. And, be sure to use the right stain removal technique for each type of stain. No one wants the surprise of pink underwear or a tie-dyed effect on a white shirt. In other words, always sort your clothes correctly to prevent colors from bleeding onto unsuspecting fabrics. To find out if something is colorfast before you wash it, wet a cotton swab and rub it on an inside corner or seam and see if the dye transfers to the swab. If it does, hands wash the item separately.


When whites start going gray or yellow, it could be because you are using water temperatures that are too low. Or, you may be overloading your washer and piling in really dirty clothes that cause dirt to resettle on mildly soiled clothes making them dull.

5. INVEST IN A GOOD WASHING MACHINE Focus on finding a washing machine that's reliable, convenient, and efficient and technologically advanced that will last you for years. Doing laundry shouldn’t be something that takes your whole day , there are washing machines that can allow you to do two washes at the same time., saving you precious time so you can do more with your family.

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