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Going back to work doesn't mean giving up breastfeeding. Here's what to do

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Once upon a time, nursing a baby involved few if any complications. Since most women were stay-at-home moms, keeping up with feedings was relatively easy.

Not so today. As more women fuel the workforce, more new mothers must now deal with breastfeeding issues and career demands at the same time.

Seventy percent of employed mothers have children under age 3 -- with one-third returning to work just three months after giving birth, and two-thirds returning within six months.

Although many new mothers believe they must choose between breastfeeding and returning to work, the two activities can peacefully coexist. However, experts warn not to wait until you are back at work to begin.

The first step to successfully combining breastfeeding and working takes place during the first four weeks after the baby is born -- a time when you are setting a feeding schedule and establishing your milk supply.

Once back at work, you can ensure a continuing milk supply by expressing your milk on the same schedule you kept when breastfeeding your baby, she says.

Pumping Breast Milk on the Job

Mums need to mention to their employers about the need for a clean and private area -- with a lock on the door -- where you can pump your milk. If you don't have your own office space, ask if you can use a supervisor's office during certain times, or if you can have access to a clean, clutter-free private corner of a storage room.

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