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P Philips Avent & My Baby

Hygiene is important Sterilize your Baby Bottles with Philip Avent Steam Sterlizer

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Philips AVENT Electric Steam Sterilizer has been designed to make sterilizing as simple as possible.

With adjustable size, it takes up less kitchen space and the baskets fit both wide and narrow neck bottles.

Here are the features:

  • Adjustable: Due to its adjustable size, this Philips AVENT 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer perfectly fits the items you would like to sterilize and always takes up the smallest amount of kitchen space. The 3 in 1 functionality gives you:

1) Small size configuration for sterilizing soothers.

2) Medium size configuration for sterilizing breast pumps, toddler plates, knives and forks.

3) Large size configuration for sterilizing 6 baby bottles.

  • Unique Design: The sterilizer has been designed to fit both wide neck and narrow neck bottles as well as different breast pumps and accessories. This gives you the freedom to choose the bottles and accessories that best suit you and your baby. At full capacity the sterilizer holds size 11oz / 330ml Philips AVENT bottles.
  • Efficient: Your bottles and accessories will be sterilized in just 6 minutes. Once sterilization is complete, the device will shut off automatically, ensuring extra safety and less energy consumption.
  • Safe: Sterilizing protects your baby from particularly harmful bacteria until their immune system is strong enough. Philips AVENT Sterilizers use the hospital method of steam sterilization, which is quick, easy and effective, with no chemicals involved. Contents stay sterile for 24 hours if the lid is unopened.


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