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Hydra-oil, and what it can do for you

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Hydra-Oil has several ingredients which work tremendously well in helping individuals to literally ‘get their skin back!’

Hydra-Oil is made up of a combination of essential oils which helps to tone your skin and remove the dryness to keep you skin smooth and hydrated. Hydra-Oil is rich in vitamins which help fight signs of ageing and improves the health and quality of skin.

Hydra-Oil is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks. Hydra-Oil also aids in evening out skin tone and nourishing mature and dehydrated skin.

Hydra-Oil has Tri Nano technology  a Combination of ingredients which acts as a non-greasy emollient which helps with increased skin absorption and makes skin soft, smooth and supple as well as protecting the skin from drying out.

Hydra-Oil’s formulation is Dermatologically tested, Preservative free, Non-greasy and Easily absorbed. 

(Available in all leading supermarkets and chemists. Get it today!)

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