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Show your skin some love this season, with a little help from jergens® skincare

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Supamamas show your skin some love this season

You are just about to head out for your Christmas vacation. You’re looking good and feeling great! But, without you even realizing, the drying effects of sun, sea and sand could be playing havoc with your skin. Environmental factors can damage all skin types, particularly during our hot summers, cold and rainy seasons. Over time, the loss of the skin's natural oils, can leave the skin of your face and body, particularly your hands and feet, dry and dehydrated, making you more susceptible to infection and premature ageing.

it’s all about maintaining your skin’s natural oils. To prevent the loss of naturally occurring lipids when bathing, keep showers short, use gentle bath products and avoid overly hot water. To replenish and restore balance to all skin types after bathing or showering, slather a good hydrating moisturizer from the Jergens® Collection on to slightly damp skin to trap that extra layer of moisture on the skin for extra nourishment.

Although it sometimes seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day during this busy holiday period to treat yourself like this, repeated use of moisturizer increases the skin’s water content and normalizes cell turnover. Just a few minutes a day spent replenishing depleted moisture and boosting your skin’s own moisture barrier will soon have your skin beaming with healthy radiance and silky softness.

Whether for daily use as a preventative against environmental factors or for targeted treatment of dry skin conditions, Jergens® Moisturizers have been transforming dry skin into evocatively soft skin for over a century. So, follow Jergens® Skincare’s lead and start showing your skin some love.


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