Parapet hospitality- here to train and equip your house help

PARAPET HOSPITALITY AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE ( is a training institution incorporated in Kenya to provide diploma courses to secondary school leavers and those already in the labour market in the areas of hospitality and business management. We mark a new dawn of improved standards in the training of hospitality and business management professionals by providing […]

Organize your home

 Supamamas tips to organize your home Working mums can’t survive without an array of time-saving tips and routines to organize the home. Ruthless efficiency is the watchword from the time you wake up until you collapse into bed at night. But you also should know when and what to let go, and don’t forget to […]

Time Management at Home

Managing your time at home is a real challenge. In many ways it’s tougher than time management in the workplace. There are often less organized structures, but just as many deadlines to contend with. Demands in a typical day at home could include: Laundry Meal planning, preparation and clearing Paying bills Food and household shopping […]

Managing Parenting Stress

If you have children, you’ve likely experienced your share of parenting stress, and you’re not alone. Parents need to take care of their own emotional well-being as well as their children’s, and find enough social support for themselves and their family. Here are some important things that parents can do. Maintain a supportive Network The […]

Encourage Kids to help with House Chores

We as parents have to train and encourage our children in helping out at home. Besides the fact that it is helpful for the management of the home in the short-term, think of the long-term benefits. We want our children to enjoy their childhood, but we also have to prepare them for wage-earning adulthood. That […]

FREE P&G Household Training Academy for your Nanny is BACK!

Good housekeeping is essential in making a house feel like a home and we want to bring it to you.Last time round we learned first aid and safety, baby care, housekeeping and laundry as well as time and resource management. The training this time will also focus on house keeping and laundry, first aid, baby […]


Laundry is something that many of us do every day. Even if you’ve been doing laundry for years, there are times that the results are less than perfect. What went wrong? These tips will help you get the best results possible every time you do a load of laundry. 1. SELECT THE RIGHT WATER TEMPERATURE […]

How to Get 9 Types of Stains Out of Your Clothes

1.Dye stains Fresh dye stains are the easiest to remove but very hard to get out once they’ve set in. If possible, right when the stain happens, run it under cold water and then wash it in the hottest possible setting for the fabric. Dye stains are naturally occurring vegetable dyes found in many plants […]


What would you do without her? Almost every household Kenya has an “Aunty” or “DM” who helps out with the domestic work every day. We need to appreciate her some more. Here is why. 1. She cleans your house EVERYDAY. Can you imagine if you had to do it every day alongside your job and […]