Mood Swings & Mommy Brain: The Emotional Challenges of Pregnancy

The physical changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy receive plenty of attention, but less consideration is given to the emotional changes she could be experiencing.  In addition to her physical health, a woman’s emotional well-being and her mental outlook can also play important roles in pregnancy.  During the nine months, a woman’s moods and […]

Early Pregnancy Guide

Having a baby is one of the most joyous times in many women’s lives. But no matter how well you plan for their arrival, you may not be fully prepared for all of the changes your body will go through now. Knowing what to expect will help you get ready for the months ahead. What […]

Dealing with food cravings during pregnancy

There are both healthy and satisfying ways to handle the many food cravings that pregnancy may bring to expectant mothers.  Food cravings during pregnancy are believed to be caused by hormonal changes that occur in the body. Generally, the first trimester is when the majority of cravings occur, but it is not uncommon for those […]

When to pack your hospital bag

It’s advised you have your hospital bags packed and ready to go from around week 33 of pregnancy, just in case your baby puts in an early appearance or you need to be hospitalized for any reason. In any case don’t leave it later than about week 36 to be all ready to go. (Best […]

Tips on shopping for maternity clothes

Shopping for maternity clothes while you’re pregnant can be an exciting task with the right knowledge and mindset. Here’s a few tips on dressing for confidence and comfort during your pregnancy. Get the timing down. If you’re carrying a single pregnancy, you probably won’t start to show until the second trimester. For the first three […]

Pregnancy Fashion Essentials

When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. We asked maternity fashion guru Janet Mgendi of Just 9 Maternity to share tips on looking your best during your pregnancy. She says, most women slowly start outgrowing their usual outfits during this time. The slightly larger clothes in your wardrobe may work […]