Loli Photography (Maternity Child & Family Photography in Nairobi)

Loli Photography (Maternity Child & Family Photography in Nairobi)

Belly period (6-8 months)

 Maternity sessions take place in the comfort of Mother Nature (outdoor venues) and aim to capture the beauty and magic of your everyday life.  My  Maternity sessions will be very comfortable and natural, as the style with any of my photography is to work to capture the true essence of the moment in a natural setting, without forced traditional poses. 

I will, of course, sit with you beforehand and take any requests that you might have.  Many women have their own ideas and visions for the photographs that they want to remember their bellies by, and I will honor any of those requests and customize the shoot for you and your interests.  My goal is for you and any of your family members involved to enjoy a fun, relaxing session together in which you focus on the moment and on your love for each other and for the baby who will soon be joining you.  Your job is to be yourselves and to embrace your giddy anticipation of your babe; mine is to quietly capture that love.

Newborn period (5-12 days)

In a Newborn session, I will come to your home and document a day in the life of your family.  You will play and laugh and be together while I smile behind my camera at the joy of it all and capture the magic of your everyday.

The newborn stage is truly a unique and special time.  The beauty and innocence of babies as they take in their new world for the first time is nothing short of magical.  Everyone from family to nurses and strangers will tell you to cherish these days because they are fleeting and they grow so fast.  But you are busy feeding your baby, waking frequently, healing from birth, snuggling and gazing at the life with the new life you have created.


Those little newborns are babies in the blink of an eye.  Chubby, drooling, babbling, beautiful babes.  Capturing babies in their first year of life is one of the most joyful things that I do.  During your Lifestyle Baby sessions I will capture these swift moments for your to hold onto forever. 

I offer sessions with babies at any age and also offer a variety of options for watching your baby grow in photographs


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