Njeru Njagi Pictures

Njeru Njagi Pictures
We have a slogan at Njeru Njagi Pictures: that, “The camera is the least important element in photography.” And that is as it is!

Managed by Photographer Njeru Njagi, a longstanding commercial photographer and video cameraman specializing in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery, Njeru Njagi Pictures is really about running a client-friendly, service-oriented photography business.

Njeru Njagi, the photographer, is a simple man who loves making photographs and spending time with his wife, son and daughter. He knows he’s fortunate to have worked with amazing and wonderful people and to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with a team of great photographers.

At Njeru Njagi Pictures, we believe that great creativity often is the result of team effort; we value working closely with our clients, be they big or small. Based in Nairobi, Kiambu and Kirinyaga Counties, in Kenya, our experienced team is ready to create outstanding visuals for you and/or your organization.
Take time to go through our photos….and get in touch for a coverage that will amaze you.

A confession:
“Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday. I assume perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every picture that I take.”
~ Njeru Njagi, Sept 2013


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