Eat like a King for Breakfast, a Queen for Lunch and a Pauper for Dinner

Have you ever heard the old age saying ‘Eat like a King for Breakfast, a Queen for Lunch and a Pauper for Dinner’? Well there may be something to it that too many of us have been ignoring for too long: 

It’s not about how much you eat, it’s all about when you eat.

Most people believe that skipping breakfast is key to losing weight when in fact it could not be more opposite. Breakfast is the utmost important meal of the day, literally breaking the fast. By eating a large breakfast it will make you less inclined to snack and binge throughout the day.

 Your body burns more calories whilst you’re awake as opposed to sleeping, so it only makes sense that your largest meal should be consumed at the beginning of the day to be used as energy throughout the day.

When a large meal is consumed at the end of the day, when your digestive system is beginning to slow down and rest, the food sits in the stomach all night allowing your body to store and hold on to the fat consumed within the evening meal. 

If you have been struggling to keep off the kilos and wondering where you’re going wrong then it could all be down to one thing – eating too much, too late!

 Don’t ditch the calories, just change the times and you’ll be on your way to a fitter, healthier you!



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