Think about it for a second, when did you last take stock of your life?

Are you living a wholesome life? Did you know that to feel whole is the most natural state for a human being yet very few of us ever experience it?

Why is it that the most natural state – wholesomeness, is so difficult to realize? Women everywhere long to live a wholesome life. Add motherhood into the equation and it goes without saying that we always feel pulled on all directions. It’s so easy to lose yourself.

Sometimes we blame our jobs, partners, and demands of parenting or financial situation for the sense of “lack” we feel within. But what if we really searched deep within? What mindset do you have that is holding you back?

Join us for this event with renowned speaker Tazim Elkington and leave armed with tools well worth learning.

We had the first part in September, for this second session Tazim will take us back a bit to where we started and build on the same conversation for part two of this event.

For part 1 some tools she shared were how:

1. How to Say NO!

2. Clear the clutter in the mind.

3. Moving away from being a constant complainer and finding solutions.

4. Consciously parenting & evaluating the values we are teaching our children

5. Keeping up your energy levels

6. Starting to have honest conversations

7. Being selfish in a healthy way

8. Living and taking responsibility for your life

9. To be ok with not being happy all the time

10. Giving other people the gift to be responsible for their lives

11. Dealing with self-doubt

12. Opening yourself up for experiences….. And so much more!

The session gave the women attending an opportunity to assess where they are. To feel re-affirmed that they are on the track, re-align-some aspects of their lives and certainly reboot.

And in this part 2 – you get a chance to attend and have an experience like no other. The event is definitely open to those who attended the first session.

Tazim is the embodiment and living example of an inspiring and authentic life being lived. The talented “paradigm shifter” is credited to motivating, stimulating and encouraging many groups and individuals in society today with her unconventional strategies to living a fulfilled and rewarding life.

She will challenge you on the mental blocks that are holding you back…taking you on a journey of self-discovery and awareness.


When:  Saturday, December 16th

Time:   10.30 a.m to 1.00p.m

Place:   Pride Inn Hotel, Rhapta Road, Westlands

Cost:     Ksh. 3,000

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We can’t wait to host you. Pay and book your space today! Only 40 slots are available for thise event!

Get to know more Tazim on www.tazim.com

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