September 2014 baby milestones and parenting event

Join us for the BABY MILESTONES AND PARENTING EVENT and learn what these milestones are, and when your baby is likely to reach them as well as Parenting Tips to raise your child(ren).

Even though babies develop at their own pace, indeed a baby reaching his or her milestones is an exciting time for any mum. Come and learn when you might expect your baby to talk, crawl, walk, sprout their first tooth, lose their first tooth and more.…

Our experts will cover:

  • The Milestones to expect
  • Development Delays: How you can spot development delays or how can you tell if your child is just a late bloomer.
  • Your role: how you can help you baby learn and develop.
  • Feeding: Nutrition Topics including: Breastfeeding, Allergies and Getting Started on Solids.
  • Teething and Pediatric Dental issues
  • Parenting Tips: Disciplining your under 5 year old Parenting Tips

This event is open to expectant, new mums  and all mums who have kid(s) 5 years old and below.


TIME: 10 a.m to 3.00 p.m

VENUE: PRIDE CENTER WESTLANDS, Next to Graffins College, Westlands Road

WHO CAN ATTEND: (It’s a mum’s only event, please leave your kids at home so you can concentrate as much as possible)

SIGN UP FOR FREE, only limited spaces are available.

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