The food event for mums


Sponsored by Top Fry , this October, Supamamas has put together “THE FOOD EVENT FOR MUMS” for us to learn from Chef Amanda not only healthy eating tips- during pregnancy and beyond but also exciting recipes for breakfast, snacks and main meals for the entire family .

As we know, at the heart of a healthy family is HEALTHY EATING, and as a mum you have a lot of influence over what is consumed in the family.

It is a concern for many of us because our weight after motherhood becomes a real struggle. And at the same time we also want to have our family consume healthy meals.

Joining us for this event will be Amanda Gicharu-Kemoli.

Amanda is a chef and nutritionist. A graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition based in New York .She is also the reigning Champion of the national Royco Fuata Flava cooking contest. 

Amanda gives the traditional recipes we know a completely modern and healthy twist. She is passionate about food and sharing the knowledge and we are super excited to have her for this event!

The event will also cover:

  •   Tips for eating for two
  •   Healthy eating for new mums
  •   Weight loss and diet after giving birth
  •   Sustainable healthy eating for the busy mum
  •   Menu planning for the family
  •   Demonstrations of exciting foods to try out for breakfast, snacks and main meals

Interested? Sign up for Free below- a chance to meet up and interact with other mums and learn something new. Limited spaces as usual.

DATE: Saturday October 31st

TIME: from 10.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m

The event is open to mums .

***However, please note that for this event you are not expected to come with your child/children.

Venue is Zar Restaurant Westlands, Victoria Plaza 1st Floor Next to Victoria Furniture Near Southern Sun Mayfair Westlands, Parklands Road.

(Should you have any difficulty signing in please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 0708 115132 for assistance)




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