Patrick Owuor, a passion for kids gymnastics

“Meet Patrick Owuor, his business Kids Gymnastics provides an alternative way for children to be active in an exciting way at the same time develop socially, physically and learn important life skills. He shares his story below on his inspiration behind his business and passion for kids gymnastics.”

“I started Kids Gymnastics drawn from my own experience. I was a very active child and was even sponsored by the Kenyan Government to train in China when I was 13 years old in Acrobatics and Gymnastics. Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. Whether they are involved in recreational gymnastics or for competition squad, skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child’s overall well-being.

For me, the sport has been able to shape most important aspects of my life as I have been able to live a very active lifestyle up to now. I have been able to exploit my talent which would otherwise go unnoticed. The sport has shaped my life.

With most kids in Kenya these days living a sedentary lifestyle, I figured I could create a fitness program to help kids adopt an active healthy lifestyle with the knowledge and skills that I have. With my experience, I also sought to create a gymnastics center that could exploit talent of kids with gymnastics interests. Gymnastics was the perfect sport for this since it is a unique sport that combines physical strength, flexibility and mental tenacity as well as social skills. It also provides a strong foundation for most physical activities and sports.

Services offered by Kids Gymnastics

We offer gymnastics classes for kids from 18 months to 14 years although we have some as young as 16 months. Kids are taught skills like forward dive and backward rolls, tumbling, stretching, cart wheels, bridges, drills vaulting, climbing trampolining, walkovers and many more in a progression system and also depending on the level and age of the kids.handstand

Classes are grouped depending on the ages of the kids and we have classes running from Monday to Friday (9am -6pm) and Saturday mornings (9am-12pm). We have our main studio in Lavington. We also have our mobile gymnastics classes for clients who live far from the studio e.g. Karen, Runda, Lake View, Rosslyn, Parklands, e.t.c .Apart from these, we also have gymnastics in several international schools like Brook House, International School of Kenya(I.S.K), Braeside as well as Kindergartens and Montessori. We also work with special kids.

My team is made up of an amazing group of professionals who have perfected in the art of training and handling kids. They take precaution to ensure maximum safety, and that kids are engaged in activities with respect to their age and level. They motivate the kids, encourage them to try something new and celebrate each achievement with them. We share the same vision and hence make the realization of our goals a walk in the park. We do what we do with a lot of passion, with the aim of helping kids so that at the end of it all they benefit from our programme.

 The difference we have seen in kids who have come to our classes…. include becoming more active, them being able to carry their own weight and essentially those with weight problems are able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Kids also develop renewed confidence as they become able to do some of the skills.

handstand2They become good team players and are able to learn to socialize with new students and teachers. They are also able to learn how to coordinate different parts of their bodies, listen to instructions, concentrate and become more disciplined as they learn to take turns.

Special kids are also able to better coordinate their body parts and improve their movement. So the kids are able to benefit physically, socially and mentally. But  I encourage the parents to ensure consistent attendance by their children so that the benefits can be seen and felt.


The future I envision for Kids Gymnastics is to incorporate more sporting activities for the kids so that we can become a one stop shop for kids’ sports as well as recreational center. We are looking to include skating, taekwondo, karate, dance classes, adult gymnastics classes and many more. We are also looking to work with more kids with special needs to help them with movement, body coordination as well as socializing. Kids Gymnastics will also be able to provide free gymnastics classes to selected children’s homes at sponsorship level. Ultimately we are looking to be an academy that will provide world class gymnasts and sportsmen/ women.

I am motivated when I see many kids in our programme overcome milestones that were very hard for them. The sense of pride and smile on their faces when they are able to achieve their target as well as our clients’ satisfaction make it all worth it.  All these drive me and give me the motivation to continue doing what I do and even to do better with Kids Gymnastics.

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  1. How much are the classes and how many sessions. I have a child who is good, flexible and soo much interested.

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