Celebrating business partnerships among women, the story of little cribs

There are stories and statistics that show that business partnerships can be problematic and perilous to navigate-especially among women. However, magic can happen when the right people come together, and the sum total is truly greater than the individual parts, for instance, the ladies at Little Cribs.

Little Cribs design and make kids’ furniture from ages 0-16 years. The team is made up of Teresa, who has an undergraduate degree in Textile Science and Design, Mary an undergraduate degree holder in interior design while Norah has a Masters in Design with a specialty in product design.

More importantly, they are all mothers to young children.  They have an understanding of the different stages of kids’ development and how furniture plays a role in each of these stages. They also offer consultation on kids’ spaces in terms of décor and furniture arrangements.

How they got started….

Their journey started when they got their children and were eager to have some fun, exciting, quality and safe furniture for their children and found it hard to find such.

Since all of them had a design background but in different fields, they pooled their strengths and passion and decided to start something for parents like them- who were looking to find fun, functional and exciting kid’s furniture.

When it comes to their product, they are passionate and believe that what makes them different in the market is the functionality of their designs as well as value for money and safety features their product offer. The team also put into consideration the space that the furniture will occupy as most houses currently have limited living spaces.

Another key thing is considering the child’s growth, for instance Little Cribs Cots measure are 2.5 x 4 feet. This is a size that is convenient for an infant and allows the baby comfortably to fit in as they become a toddler. This proves very convenient for most parents because they do not need not to buy another bed once the baby outgrows the cot.


To parents looking for Kids Furniture, their word of advice is Look for VALUE FOR MONEY. Kids furniture should encourage developmental and organization skills in children. It should be sustainable and safe. It should also INSPIRE the children.


Making the Partnership Work…

Being three of them, they find it quite reassuring that they have each other to share highs and lows with. And since they have different personalities, they find that it complements their working relationship.

Honesty is a big policy. Teresa, Mary and Norah have an understanding that as much as they are friends, they are also business partners and the lines are well defined.  Each has a role in the company that they are clear about and respect each other’s space.

Self-discipline as well as group discipline has also played a huge role in making Little Cribs thrive.  In case of a disagreement, the lead in that department has the last word on the way forward. They have also fostered a sincere respect for each other’s profession and have a 4th silent partner who comes in when they need an objective view on an issue-especially on matters strategy.

The ladies at Little Cribs believe that a business partnership among women is what you make them. It can be the best thing to happen or the worst depending on the support structures they have in their friendship. A genuine friendship can build character, confidence and build honesty among women.

As business partners, they advise that you must have chemistry amongst each other. You must know each others strengths and weaknesses since as women, we cannot deny our emotional side and this is bound to come up once in a while. Honesty is very important and should be encouraged to prevent bottling up of issues.

Well….it stands therefore to reason that women can excel and benefit disproportionately from business partnerships. Cheers to Little Cribs for setting a great example!


Want to find out more about Little Cribs or get in touch?

Email address: info@littlecribs.co.ke

Phone number: 0706 395631

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LittleCribs

Website: www.littlecribs.co.ke

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