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Frida Owinga is a Business Coach, Consultant and Transformational Speaker who equips people with skills and tools to create, manage and grow successful world class organizations. Here are her thoughts on the importance of business coaching, what it takes to succeed and what defines a successful woman:

What was your motivation for starting your business?

I have always had a passion for working for myself since I was a young girl.  Growing up, I noticed my mum did business and my dad worked and she had money at different times of the month while my dad was at the end of the month.  I preferred my mum’s style and purposed to be a great business woman one day.

Why is business coaching important?

Research shows that the MSME industry is growing by 10% every year and employs 77% of the labor force yet 75% of these companies do not make it to their 3rd birthday.  One of the reasons cited for failure is lack of business skills.  Many people have an idea in a vacuum.  They aren’t aware who will buy their products or services, how to attract clients, how to convert and retain them and they normally quit prematurely because they have no idea about business life cycles.  Business coaching gives one the skills and understanding to navigate the ever changing business landscape.

What in your opinion defines a successful woman?

Hmmm…… a successful woman.  To be successful, one has to first define what is success, then map a strategy to accomplish that success, when they do, they are successful. Success will differ from one person to another.  To me a successful woman is one who has identified her purpose and is living it to the fullest without compromising any of the relationships in her life. A successful woman is happy with who she is and doesn’t try to be a man.


What is your favorite business quote?

What your mind can conceive you can achieve. –W. Clement Stone

Parting Shot

Life is in phases.  Every phase comes with its set of challenges, opportunities and victories.  Optimize your potential in each phase, because every phase is preparing you for a greater glory.  Have fun, love life, and give whenever you have the chance.

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