Hamida Ahmed shares her passion for counseling

“I am a down to earth, happy, outgoing, loving person. I prefer to see the glass as half full. Yes, life throws different challenges to us some tougher than others but I find that my positive attitude towards life helps me through those tough times. The serenity prayers helps me a lot. Here’s part of it.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.


My practice is called A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH COUNSELING SERVICES. I believe that we are all special and unique in our own way. At times we all need a bit of support or push to help us see our God given potential

(The diamonds that we really are).

I started off as a teacher. Growing up, most our parents decided our career paths. So, teaching was what my parents handed to me. It took me a long time to accept this but then something special happened. I discovered the joy and fulfillment I got just by interacting with my students. I always made sure that I was more than a teacher to them. I was a mentor, a counselor, a shoulder to lean on. All along I felt that I was meant to help people at a much deeper level. Then I sat in my first Psychology class…….I have no words to express it. I felt that finally I had found my purpose in life!!! The pieces in my life puzzle started falling in place. I have never stopped since.

As a teacher and a Psychologist I have noticed a disturbing trend. More and more parents are busy chasing money at the expense of discharging their duties as parents. We are having parents who are taking their children to the most expensive schools ,buy them the latest and most expensive toys and gadgets but are not emotionally and physically there for their kids.

IT IS SAD. Yes, we need to earn a living, yes we want our kids to have better lives than we did BUT most importantly our kids need us. What is the point of giving our kids all material things but due to emotional neglect they end up as addicts, etc. We still are the first teachers in our kids’ lives not our house-helps or their peers. None of us is an expert, none of us is a perfect parent. We only need to go that extra mile to nurture and bring up responsible members of society. At least we will say “I tried my best.” That’s why I am soon starting some parenting workshops.

I love, love being a Psychologist. It gives me a lot of joy when clients come to me for help, we work together and there’s a positive shift in their lives. Life has changed. The support systems that we used to rely on during need are almost zero. We are becoming a much more individualistic society. It is becoming more difficult to find true friends that can be genuinely there for us when in need. That’s why I feel that it is time that we embraced the services of professional psychologists and counselors. They offer a safe and confidential space for us to deal with our issues. Some of the services I provide include, individuals Counseling, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy, children-Play Therapy, Trauma counseling, Grief and bereavement counseling, Psychological first aid, Debriefing and Addiction counseling.

I also focus on Psychology services for the workplace which include workshops on Emotional intelligence, Stress management, Communication at the workplace. Conflict at the workplace Conflict Management at the workplace, Leadership styles and Motivation .

Being self-employed gives me a sense of freedom that employment rarely offers. I am my own boss. My business is my ‘baby’. Of cause it’s not all rosy. Starting the business was the most difficult bit for me. Few people seek the services of Psychologist. There’s definitely a great need for the service but lack of Psycho-education on what we do is an issue. Other people do not know where to go for such services. For those who use our services know that there’s professional support when they need it. However, beware of quarks. Find out their qualifications.

I have so much love and passion for my profession. That keeps me focused. I know that sooner than later, more people will embrace this service. There’s so much light at the end of the tunnel.

To any mama out there who needs to start a business, go for it! Do enough research on the business.Equip yourself with some skills and knowledge in that area. Talk to other people in the same business to understand the dynamics of the business. The secret to me is not to give up. You will fall, pick yourself up and go for it again. Change the strategies but don’t give up. IT IS VERY TOUGH BUT IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Who says you are not tough? Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!

You can reach Hamida Ahmed on 0718-233-759 or email me at hamidaza@yahoo.com


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