Veronica Mbugua- weight loss, the power plate way

“My name is Veronica Mbugua, I would describe myself as a resolute, hard worker and a go getter.

I have a business that focuses on Weight Loss that came about from a personal struggle with weight after delivering my children.   This was also coupled by the fact that I want to live a long and healthy life as there is a  history of diabetes and high blood pressure.  l have seen my mum and sister suffer from the two and l told myself, I am not permitting myself to get there. I therefore decided to get the best exercise regime, it was out of self preservation.

My business is called Workout Express that helps people lose weight on a Power Plate. This mode of weight loss is unique as because of it’s ability to make you build muscle as you loose fat.  As you may know, most exercises especially walking and treadmill exercises waste your muscles and over time, you start suffering from knee problems.  Power Plate helps you build muscle and bone strength as you age.  The other added beauty is that, you only exercise on the power plate for 30 minutes on alternate days and your body continues to “workout” for the rest of the hours in between. This makes it ideal for those people who are pressed for time and who hate working out as it takes so little of your time with amazing results.

workingoutI am passionate about business and life as a whole l  love God and l am passionate about telling people of His goodness.  I truly love life and all the opportunities it offers us. l love dealing with new projects. l  l think am passionate about all that l do. My niece tells me that l could sell “personal energy” any time of the day


Being self employed has been fantastic and it is a privilege. The freedom is amazing; especially the freedom to make your successes and failures, freedom of thought , of space, design and time.  lt is total freedom!

Being self employed comes with challenges as it takes time to get where you want to be.  lt also takes a lot of finances which at times are quite low.  lt takes aggressive marketing.  Sometimes I use the wrong expensive marketing strategy which yields no results.  It can be frustrating.  You also have to decide that in the business for the long haul otherwise it is easy to give up and close shop. 

Focus is second nature to me.  I’m tenacious and l follow through.  Since l’m doing what l truly love, l’m able to focus.  l also pray a lot and l know God helps me to stay focused.  l also don’t let the business consume me. l have divided my daily life is such a way that every moment I’m doing what l love doing and therefore when it is time to concentrate on business, l am always fresh. 

To the women who want get into business my word of advice is go for  it!  Don’t let in fear in whatever you are doing.  Fear is the worst enemy to success. Also try and do something that you love and something that you will also attain personal benefit from.  Determine from the very beginning that you will be in the business for the long haul.  If your business fails, it is not the end of the world, try again.  Most of the best world renowned businesses went bankrupt more than 3 times before they became successful.  That is the story behind the founder of K.F.C. chain of restaurants.  Don’t give up.  Pray over your businesses as you would pray over your child.   “

(You can reach Veronica on  0733405407 or 0722405407 to find out more about Workout Express. Visit: Facebook: Workout Express)


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