My weight loss journey inspired my business, slim therapy

 “My name is Elizabeth Simiyu-Bisher, my first pregnancy progressed normally and according to my doctor, I was gaining weight at a standard pace.”

The state of my waistline did not concern me much at that time as I had been advised that it would shrink with breast feeding.

However, eight months in, my son reduced his breastfeeding as we started the weaning process. That’s when everything went haywire as far as my body was concerned. My calorie intake continued at the same pace or even higher than when I was breastfeeding exclusively, and my nutrition choices were very unhealthy.907

I was quite unaware of the toll this was taking on my body, until the day I went clothes shopping and my “normal” size 12 would not even get past my neck. Size 14 was possible but looked quite indecent. That’s when it hit me I was heading to size 16! That was my wakeup call!

First I joined a gym, but at that time I lived in mashinani so I could only do that once a week when I was in Nairobi. Then I bought a treadmill, and transported it all the way to mashinani (I was quite determined!) but with no guidance or structure or clue of how I could maximize or combine different routines and a proper nutrition plan to have a positive impact on my body, I ended up losing weight slightly then gaining it all again. My tummy also did not respond to the weight loss efforts and simply persisted.

 What worked for me..

Is that I had heard about electro-therapy and there were already people in Nairobi offering the treatments. I did some research, and though there was not much information on the net, I was able to discover enough to pique my interest. I tried it, and eventually decided to purchase my own machine.

In the two months I did a session a day. I went down to a size 12 within a month and by the second month I was a size 10 at 61kgs. I was elated. This wasn’t even with proper nutrition management, as I was still learning the ropes as far as healthy eating was concerned.

At this point I realized I had to educate myself further and turn this into something that could help other people struggling with their weight like I had been.


How Electro-therapy works …

In order to understand how electro-therapy works, it is necessary to know how exercise helps your body to lose weight and what happens with muscles and fat when you do.

Muscles contract and relax, and this process uses energy whether you’re sitting or walking or running. The more your muscles are contracting and relaxing, the more energy you use. This energy is derived from stores of fat. The body breaks down the fat to produce more energy for the muscles to use. During an electro-muscle stimulation session, round pads are used to send impulses to the muscles to cause them to contract and relax as you lounge, or lie down in a comfortable environment. This technique is not only used to lose weight but also by medical practitioners and physical therapists in rehabilitation and it has been used effectively to treat muscle injuries. Electrotherapy not only helps in weight loss but also causes fat cells to release toxins which lead to reduced cellulite. The pads are able to stimulate your muscle at a much higher rate than you would be able do to for yourself, exerting your muscles at 30 times the intensity that a healthy adult would be able to exert naturally.  The result of this is the creation of a large demand for energy from the muscles which cause surrounding fat cells to be burned in order to get energy.


For mums, one can safely start the treatments 3 months post normal birth and 6 months post Caesarian.

It is important to also note that Electrotherapy does not affect breast milk. In addition, our Slim therapy nutrition plan which is part of the program is balanced and portion based. We do not encourage fad diets or cutting out any food group from a mother’s nutrition. This ensures that the baby continues to receive adequate nutrition from its mother.  The treatments actually favor breast feeding and do not affect breast milk production.


Side Effects …

Are similar to conventional exercise including muscle strain, muscle pull or muscle fatigue the treatment is suitable for any adult wishing to improve their health and wellbeing as long as they are not using any other muscle stimulants e.g. pacemaker, and are not pregnant. The treatment also has several positive side effects including pain relief through release of endorphins and promotion of metabolism through muscle stimulation and improved blood circulation. Other positive side effects are muscle growth, weight loss and general fitness.

Nutrition support

Food is awesome. Food is the one thing every person trying to lose weight has a love-hate relationship with. However if you learn to appreciate your food and learn how to choose wisely you will never have that feeling of guilt again towards your food choices. 

I have also learned that all your weight loss or weight gain related to food starts in your mind. Your body may be very willing but your mind is not cooperating. Take for example sometimes you think you are very hungry and you feel like you desperately need to snack. Try taking a glass of water instead. Sometimes the mind signals thirst as hunger. Or even boredom as hunger. Next time you feel “hungry” at a time that is not conventional to your normal meal times try doing something else that interests you. Take a walk, or play with the kids, sometimes it is just the mind playing tricks on you. Educate yourself on food and as I said before you will master it, instead of vice versa.

At Slim Therapy, we provide a balanced portion based menu that educates a client on what to eat, how often to eat, required portions, and at what time.

The meal plan also advises on foods to avoid. After you have received your recommended diet we go a step further, by doing an evaluation of what you eat per week and giving you feedback on how to improve in order to experience even better progress.  The beauty of the meal plan is it is something that can be adopted by the whole family; hence you do not have to keep cooking separate meals from those eaten by your family. Our website also gives you smart tips on how you can modify your attitude and behavior towards food so that you master it instead of being a slave to it.


The kind of struggles I see with women

I interact with women who may not be even mobile enough to be able to start doing physical exercise. Or they are inhibited by painful joints. Some seem healthy, but have chronic back pain that is exacerbated by physical exertion.

These clients find refuge in our treatments which allow them to gain some sort of physical fitness before they can return to conventional exercising. On the nutrition side, ignorance plays a big part in the struggle of not being able to lose weight. I have clients inquiring if eating chips can inhibit weight loss. The answer to that question may seem straight forward, but there are several other factors like; how were they cooked? (deep fry, or baked) what portion did you eat? What else did you eat that day? Were you active in any way? Weight loss is a science. But it is very easy to learn. The struggle does not have to persist. If only one seeks help on how to change their lifestyle.

Food advice I would give those aspiring to lose weight

The biggest tip I can give to anyone on nutrition is when doing your shopping, always read the ingredients. There are those things written SUGAR FREE in big letters. That’s true but does it have aspartame? Or added salt? Sometimes you buy “brown” bread but if the label does not say whole meal you are probably eating brown coloured bread.10

If unsure then try and eat as natural as possible. Nduma, Cassava, Sweet potatoes and eggs are great and natural breakfast options. If you want to form healthy habits then stay away from temptation.

Keep healthy snacks around the house like fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables. That excuse about those biscuits being for your child “for break” means there is temptation you can fall into by eating “only one”. Habits take 21 days to break or form so be patient with yourself, do not beat yourself up too much if you fall off the wagon and never give up.  If you are looking for an alternative way to lose weight, think of Slim Therapy. Find our contacts below.”



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