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SmartFellas is known by many people as the chauffer service that came about at the height of the introduction of Alco-blow.

Alco-blow aimed to curb drunk driving which has claimed lives of many drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The consequences of drunk driving are far reaching and real. The effects of drunk driving do not affect only the drunk drivers, but many, many others.

Passengers in the vehicle often times suffer injuries as well as emotional trauma. The accidents do not spare other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Beyond this is the effect on the families who lose their loved ones, widows and widowers left behind to take care of the children alone. The effect on the economy spirals into millions of shillings resulting from loss of much need human resources.


This was one of the main inspirations behind the launch of SmartFellas – a members-only chauffeur service providing a highly accessible alternative to driving – initially the main aim was to help people get home safe after a night out. The idea to start SmartFellas as a member only chauffeur service existed from 2013. The implementation of Alco-blow rules in early 2014 created the opportunity for an apt go-to market strategy.


The designated chauffeur services are for registered member only. Annual Membership is Kshs 3,000/- per person or Kshs 5,000/- per family. Thereafter, the member accesses the services and pays a mileage charge depending on distance travelled.


 Slightly over a year later, SmartFellas has evolved and offers personalized service open to all which runs between 6am to 6pm. The service known as Smart Day is available for as little as Kshs 750/- for 2 hours. You can have the driver with you for a whole day at Kshs 1,500/. The personal driver will do your errands, pick and drop children, Airport Transfers hospital runs all in the comfort of your own vehicle.



Fridah Mburu is the only woman in the team alongside the other directors Kenneth Thimba, Luke Ngenye and Mwangi Munyi.  She describes herself as someone who lives life on the edge always looking for something fresh and exciting to do.  


She confesses that her co-directors are really smart people, who work together as a team. Having been friends for many years allows the team to be real with each other. Each director has a specific role which provides clarity for the company’s direction.



(Left to Right: Mwangi Munyi , Luke Ngenye, Fridah Mburu and Kenneth Thimba) 


One of Fridah’s favorite books is The Princessa: Machiavelli for women by Harriet Rubin, where she learnt that being a woman and keeping at being feminine is the best tool for whatever a woman wishes to achieve.

Fridah worked for several years in the Insurance industry alongside leaders in the industry and was exposed to the complete cycle of business operations. This has come in handy when it comes to being part of Smart Fellas.


SmartFellas has successfully captured the designated and personal chauffeur market. The current focus is encouraging women especially working mums to use chauffeurs and get more done. The chauffeurs can help with errands including: picking children to and from activities, collecting laundry, helping take your car for service as well as car wash.

Fridah is a mum to two daughters and draws great inspiration and strength from motherhood. The desire to give her children a better life acts as chief motivator to reach out and be the best she can be.


To achieve balance, she has perfected the art of time management allocating time for work and the family while sticking with the schedule.  Weekends are reserved for the family unless she is out of town. She wakes up early and spends an hour with her younger daughter before dropping her off to school daily. This allows for  quality bonding time for both and some amazing stories get to be heard.

Her advice to other women planning to venture out into business is that being a mother is just a part of who you are.  Working mothers tend to carry a weight of guilt around them. Whilst the emotional and financial strains exist, surround yourself with a good support system and great people. The grass looks greener on the other side but that may not always be the case.

Most importantly, one should not lose sight of their desires, dreams and aspirations. Always make “Me” time and jealously guard it. It is only when you are happy and have loved yourself enough that you can be the best mum, better partner and successful business leader.

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