Zubeida Athman, passionate about education

 I am a mother, sister, wife and an entrepreneur who loves what she does- and would never trade any of the mentioned roles for anything else in the world. I run Juhudi Junior School in South C.


I am passionate about education for kids and my main passion comes from watching a child discover her/his environment; learning from it and blooming into fine little toddlers in front of my eyes. It is the most fulfilling thing ever.

When it comes to early childhood education I feel most parents are influenced by their peers in deciding about their childrens education. Almost 90% of the parents I talk to, say they want a particular system of learning but they have no idea what it entails. Choosing where to take their children is also influenced by friends, family and media exposure.

The vision of our school Juhudi Junior School is to Grow hearts and minds, our mission is teaching kids what counts.


Juhudi2The school provides an Integrated System Of Learning. This means we integrate the major methods of teaching in kindergarten Montessori, KHA, Dicece, Frobble and come up with an ideal curriculum for each age group. Our school admits children between age 2 years- 6 years.

Entrepreneurship  is exciting and fulfilling! There is never a day that is the same.I have realized each stage of the business has its own challenges. My business is turning 7 this year. My initial challenges was getting to be known  and trusted by potential parents. Right now my challenges are managing the drastic growth- ensuring that I can provide school transport to all the customers, for instance we are getting enquiries from as far as Karen, Syokimau and we do not have a school van for that route.

I stay focused by surrounding myself with like minded people, prayer,reading a lot of motivational books. In fact  just watching the little ones play every day is a good enough reminder that you  cannot afford to let them down. They inspire me.

My Word of advice for other women out there trying to go into business is to Never Give up.

To Learn more about Juhudi Junior School. Email: juhudi.juniorschool@gmail.com

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