We all know to be checking our breasts regularly for lumps and bumps to ensure we’re healthy and everything’s going along as it should. But there are other ways of keeping ourselves healthy up there that are worth investing some time in.

Anyone with mammaries is vulnerable to ailments running the gamut from the more mild, like dry nipples and the slow sag that accompanies aging, to the more severe and scary, like cancer.

There are many ways to care for your breasts to prevent or postpone some of those concerns and to monitor for those things that could be dangerous. So here’s your totally comprehensive breast-care routine.

1. Put lotion on

If you’re worried about stretch marks and dry nipples, moisturizing is, of course, essential to combating those things. Plus, it feels good! Remember that some of your most sensitive skin is on and around your breasts, so daily moisturizing is essential to keeping everything looking and feeling good.

2. Let’s talk about bras

Listen, a lot of people out there are going to say scary things to you about gravity and the threat of sag to your breasts. But you know what? There is just nothing you can do about it.  It’s not the bra. It’s not exercises. It’s not strapping them to your chest. They will sag. You will age. Such is life.

However, wearing a bra that fits you is essential for your own comfort. Nobody likes to be yanking on their bra straps all day or discovering later in a photograph that their breasts were actually sort of squeezing out of the tops of their. Go spend on a bra that really fits you and supports you. It’s good for your body, it’s good for your boobs, and it’s usually good for your photos.

3. Now let’s talk about self-perception

So now that we’ve established that we can’t control the sag or the general aesthetics of our breasts, let’s go to the next step: Why concern ourselves with how perky or not-perky our breasts are? Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and looks. In fact, most of us have one boob bigger than the other.  Some nipples point down, some point out, some breasts slope up, some go in different directions. Why are we trying to control or change what our mothers gave us? Own it.

Do you know you can change what you perceive as beautiful? Like, objectively. You can decide small breasts or mastectomy scars or asymmetrical saggy boobs are GORGEOUS and not ironically and not in a way that’s forced.

People’s bodies are vulnerable places. There’s humanity there and getting to see it is a privilege. Extend graces to others too, when we learn to accept others’ bodies as lovely and perfectly imperfect and unique, then we can start getting to a comfortable place with our own. So screw trying to keep them from sagging! Enjoy them as they are and as they evolve.

4. Do your breast exams

One arm up Start in your armpit and move your fingers along to and around your breast. Do this every month and take note of any firmness’s, lumps, or nodes that are unusual. Do this every month around the same point in your cycle (your breasts change texture a bit depending on your cycle and be sure to check in with your doctor if you feel any changes.

Also look at your breasts. Are they dimpling? Has the contour changed? Are your nipples changing or changed? Inverted? If you notice any redness, scaling, or patchiness, it’s a good idea to get your doc on the horn. These aren’t always the signs of something tragic, but they can be signs of something serious. So take good care.


Did you know that M.P Shah Hospital has a Breast Clinic?

Clinic Schedule:

Main Hospital Doctors Plaza (Waridi Centre)

Monday and Wednesday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Village Medical Centre

Thursday and Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

To book an appointment call: 0204291327/500/100

Or email : breastclinic@mpshahhosp.org

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