Nutrition tips for busy women


Eating on the run
Women have very hectic lives, and often find that they need to eat on the run. When you eat fast, you do not truly appreciate the food in front of you.

Pack yourself a nutritious snack before heading out the door and trying to combine protein and carbohydrate.

Also try to take a moment to really taste the food that you are eating, even if you are eating in your car, become mindful of your eating

Dining out
Many busy career women dine out frequently.  It gets them out of the kitchen. Most restaurants offer low-calorie or low-fat choices. However, choosing healthy foods can become meaningless, if you are easily persuaded to order dessert or another fruity drink, or if you end up overeating.

What you can do is pick a meal that is both appealing and healthful

Eat less of your main course, if you want dessert, or if you know that you are dining out later in the day, try to eat a light breakfast and lunch

Emotional eating
For many women, food becomes the easy cure when they are upset or stressed. The downside is that it is very emotionally upsetting to no longer fit into any of your clothes.

Try to figure out what feelings usually cause you to eat more than you are physically hungry for.

Identify other things that could help you recover from the emotions, once you have established what your patterns are, try going for a brisk walk if you are angry, taking a bubble bath and reading a book, if you are sad.

Keep healthful alternatives in your house, because different foods seem soothing to different people.

Weekday vs weekend
In many cases, it is easy to stay on track with food during the work week. A little high-fiber cereal for breakfast, a nice leafy salad for lunch, and some baked fish or chicken with rice for dinner. Then the weekend comes, and it all falls apart. Lunch with the girls, big dinners with our family, and the Sunday morning brunch. Before you know it, it is Monday morning, and we are upset with ourselves.

Do not starve yourself during the week, because even if you do not normally crave a food, by Friday night it will seem impossible to pass it by, especially if you have not eaten enough all week. Just try to strike a balance in your weekend menu and do not over indulge.

Night time eating
You are working late at night, You are restless. You are tired. Maybe you are even a little angry. You suddenly feel like a bar or chocolate is exactly what this situation calls for. Stop and ask yourself if you are really need it.

Instead of eating, try sucking on a sugar-free hard candy or drinking some flavored water.

What matters is how many calories are taken in vs how many are expended over several days.

Whatever you choose to eat make sure it’s a low-fat version.


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