When to pack your hospital bag

It’s advised you have your hospital bags packed and ready to go from around week 33 of pregnancy, just in case your baby puts in an early appearance or you need to be hospitalized for any reason.

In any case don’t leave it later than about week 36 to be all ready to go. (Best not to leave it for your partner to have to organize at the last minute either!)

What to pack

For you:

  • Disposable pants (7-10 pairs)
  • Maternity sanitary pads (two packs of 10 or 12)
  • Socks (cold feet are a common complaint)
  • Slippers
  • A lightweight dressing gown
  • Lip balm to prevent dry lips in labour (another common complaint)
  • Cool-water spray
  • Facecloth
  • Hair bands
  • Juice or bottles of water
  • Glucose tablets for energy
  • Healthy snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Spare toothbrush and paste (so you can pack it in advance)
  • Tissues
  • Hairbrush and towel
  • Nursing bra and breast pads
  • Going home outfit (but still maternity clothes at this stage!)
  • A camera
  • An Ipod/MP3 player
  • A few books/magazines/games
  • Pen and paper
  • A pillow, blanket and change of clothes for your partner (in case he’s in for an overnight stay)
  • A gift for your older child if you have one (to make him/her feel special too)

For your baby:

  • A pack of newborn nappies
  • A pack of cotton wool balls for nappy changes
  • A towel
  • Stretch sleep suits
  • Vests
  • A cardigan
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Blanket
  • Bibs
  • Nappy rash cream
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