Why should children play sports?

 Supamamas children should play sports

Sports and physical activity generally play a significant part in the school experience for many kids.

Physical activity is the most obvious benefit of sports participation. Children often spend too much time watching television or playing video games. But sports practices and games provide an opportunity for exercise that can help keep kids in shape and healthy.

Other than physical benefits, participation in sports helps in:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Can motivate children to excel academically
  • Can help build social skills.
  • Can teach children the benefits of goal-setting and practice.

Overall, it is good for Psychological Well-Being because the child stands to gain important psychological benefit by participating. Playing sports may help reduce anxiety and depression.

It is good for Social Interaction youngsters who play sports in school often enjoy enhanced social interaction. The socialization that occurs with organized sports can help a youngster learn effective skills for interacting with both peers and adults.

The peer culture that surrounds organized sports often plays an important role in the school environment. When a child feels integrated into this environment, his/ her school performance may become stronger.

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