Getting baby to sleep independently

Bedtime can be a difficult time for parent and child. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following tips for handling the times when your child cries at bedtime: Wait a few minutes before responding; if the crying continues, wait longer each time before you respond to the cries. Offer reassurance that you’re there, but […]

Clothes and Nappies

Choose Appropriate Clothes The best fabric next to a baby’s skin is 100% cotton (wool and acrylic can irritate). As your new baby is delightfully ‘floppy’, the easiest outfit is a cotton all-in-one suit – try one with snap fasteners down the front and legs so you can change nappies easily. Clothing with a wide […]

Why Moisturise your Baby’s Skin?

Your baby’s skin is more sensitive and delicate to that of older children and adult skin. It’s the essential shield that offers protection from the outside world, but as it is much thinner, it requires a higher level of care, hydration and moisturizing to keep it healthy and soft. Here are just a few reasons […]

Baby Skin Care

Nothing is sweeter than the soft, smooth skin of a newborn. Your baby’s skin is a protective barrier, too. It will continue to change through their first year of life. Here’s how to keep it pampered and feeling good. Do not bath frequently You don’t have to fully bathe the baby more than thrice a […]

Infant stimulation games, fun ideas you can try to raise a smart baby

Studies suggest that babies who are stimulated reach developmental milestones and become independent earlier. They have keener senses, better muscle coordination and have a more secure self-image.  On the other hand, babies who are not stimulated are found to grow up at a distinct disadvantage in their first grade in school.  This disadvantage may linger […]

Top tips for buying baby clothes

Here’s what to look for as you choose clothes for your new baby. Use these guidelines when purchasing baby clothes to avoid being left with expensive garments your little one wore just once. 1. Always choose one size ahead of your baby’s actual age  Sizes can be on the small side and babies grow quickly. […]

How to diaper a Baby

While the frequent diaper changes may not be your favorite part of the mommy or daddy job, they’re still part of the baby care package. And it’s good for baby too, since changing a diaper whenever it’s wet or messy helps prevent irritation and diaper rash. Changing your baby’s diaper is an important skill you’ll […]

J&J’s Baby Unit Launches New Campaign to Show Baths are ‘So Much More’

For new parents, bath time isn’t just about cleaning a baby. A new campaign from Johnson & Johnson’s baby products line, Johnson’s, aims to show that a bath is “so much more” and can help stimulate a baby’s senses. Johnson’s baby business on Thursday will debut a new global marketing campaign that focuses on the […]