Supamamas is a Marketing and Events company based in Nairobi that connects  companies and brands to mums, mums to experts and with each other.

SupamamasOUR MISSION: Is to be at the forefront in inspiring, informing and connecting mums to be excellent in their personal and professional level.

OUR VISION: Is to be the No.1 Experiential & digital platform for brands to connect with mums in Kenya and across Africa.

We do this through regular events to connect mums with notable speakers, experts and brands and through information shared online through this website www.supamamas.co.ke and digital platform especially Facebook.



Why partner with us?

  • We have Good traffic on our website with over 5,000 unique visits per month.
  • Wide social media reach with over 75,000 fans and growing, you can also advertise on our Supamamas Page.
  • Strategic Partnerships we have developed key partnerships that ensure we get many people to attend our events and are able to rope in other sponsors and partners to lower the cost to you.
  • Consistency: we have regular events which you can partner with us long term in activating your brand continuously.

Among the businesses that choose to grow with us through online advertising or event sponsorship/ exhibition include: Start Ups, Mid-Sized Companies, large corporations, media agencies, digital agencies and global brands.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today! so we can connect you with mums (women) in the most experiential and engaging way!..both online on our website and page, and offline-through events.