Is there anything cuter than a stylish mother-daughter duo? No, there is not. Meet Brenda Wanga, well…. not that Brenda Wanga, this Brenda Wanga :-). Brenda and her daughter Cara are definitely a stylish mum and daughter duo. Brenda is one of the mums who is regularly attends events that we organize here at Supamamas, her edgy and classy sense of fashion definitely stands out.


When it comes to fashion, in a way our mums have an influence on us despite their sometimes-questionable clothing choices. For most women, our mothers basically built the foundation for our love of fashion; Brenda has certainly done the same for her daughter.

Brenda loves being a mum and says it has totally changed her life 360.  “It’s been amazing watching a mini-me grow and guiding her through it. The most amazing part is knowing there is someone looking up to you all the time”. She says.

To stay in shape, Brenda does long walks, evening runs and house workouts. She detoxes once a month and recently started yoga. She emphasizes that fitness is important as it feels amazing to be in great shape and certainly there is nothing as good as self-love. You don’t necessarily have to be tiny to be in shape.

Going back to the topic of motherhood and staying fashionable, Brenda creates her own kind of style, rarely follows trends and comfort to her is key. When it comes to dressing her daughter, she mostly dresses her in stylish and comfortable outfits, though her daughter prefers to dress herself nowadays.

Brenda believes that fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Know your body, be comfortable in what you wear and if you are not sure of a combination always opt for simple.

So just because you have become a mum, it doesn’t mean you have to forget your sense of style. Have fun and play dress up with you daughter or son. It’s a great way to bond too!

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