Langata women’s prison visit april 2013

Saturday, 20th April 2013 was a special day where Supamamas organized an appreciation day at Langata Women’s Prison. Apart from donating items, we also spent time with the inmates and their children. It was an event also attended by some members of Our Lady Queen Catholic Church Karen thanks to Fr. Steve Omondi and Fr. Kimani and volunteers from the public. We thank all the individuals that contributed to making a difference- in cash or kind on this day especially members of Supamamas, Rotary of Langata, Johnson and Johnson- baby oil, DANONE- Cups, Bibs and Spoons, Mummies Diapers, Slim Therapy, Sarayu- for the many pairs of slippers and Sweet Inspiration for the beautiful cake for the children, we thank everyone who also brought clothes and toys for the kids’. Your cash donations also helped in buying over 700 packets of sanitary pads and we had a donation of over 500 panties. Once again we thank you all for helping us spread the love. We hope to have more sustainable projects at Langata Womens’ Prison to equip women with skills that will make them self reliant while in prison and outside. See more photos on our Supamamas Page. Click Here.

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