Gems secondary school

Gems secondary school

From Key Stage 3 which is Year 7 to 9 (11-13 years old). Students study English, Mathematics, History, Geography, ICT, Art, Design Technology, Drama, Music, Modern Languages, Phyiscal Education, Kiswahili and Personal, Social & Health Education.                                

The National Curriculum focuses on knowledge, skills and understanding so our students learn to apply the knowledge they learn in different situations. At the end of each year, there is an exam to assess their progress and at the end of the Key Stage (in Year 9), students sit a Cambridge Checkpoint assessment.

In Key Stage 4 i.e Year 10 & 11 (14- 15 years old), the IGCSE and BTEC Level 2 curriculum is introduced. A range of subjects catering for a variety of academic needs and interests are offered. BTEC courses consist purely of coursework and there is no terminal exam.

During the final two years of school (Year 12 and 13, or students between 16-18years), students sit for the AS and A level examinations. An Edexcel BTEC level 3 vocational course has also been introduced.  Again, a wide range of subjects are offered which assist in preparing students for higher education or a multitude of career opportunities. Key leadership qualities are also very important in these senior years.


 At GEMS Cambridge International School – Nairobi we believe in a well-rounded education that ensures every individual student thrives and discovers their own strengths and abilities, whatever their passion or talents. 

 By creating a friendly, open and encouraging learning environment, enriched with extra-curricular opportunities, we help students succeed and reach their full, unique potentials.

Every day we teach our students with strong goals in mind:

  • We work to help our students excel academically
  • We work to build student confidence, initiative and independence
  • We work to give every student the personally tailored support they need to thrive
  • We work to develop strong and constructive relationships with you, the parents and guardians.

Teaching Language: English

Curriculum::The National Curriculum for England with BTEC Level 2 and 3 also available

School Fees Range from:  From USD5,250 – USD15,600 per year:

Application fee: USD100 for registration and USD500 admission fee

Fees payable on or before the start of each term


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