Baby skin, sleep & safety event(closed)

Are you a Mum?  pregnant or with a baby up to 3 years of age?

Join us for the BABY SKIN, SLEEP AND SAFETY EVENT this July.

This barbeque event to be held Saturday July 26th at Mamba Village Langata Road from 10 a.m to 3pm will equip you with vital knowledge  when it comes to issues to do with your baby’s skin, sleep and safety.

When it comes to baby skin care, the early stages of good care is critical to the baby’s development because baby skin is delicate. Our experts will guide you through choosing baby products  as well as  answer your skin care concerns. The Skin Care discussion will not only cover newborns but babies/children in general.

Secondly, sleep is one of the biggest challenge facing new parents especially coping  with broken sleep, night after night. Most parents wish that their  baby will eventually settle into a pattern of sleeping through the night, but have no idea how to.  This segment of the event will deal with  sharing with mums on knowledge of how to manage the baby’s sleep pattern, how to make them more comfortable, the role of a clean  quality  diapers  as well as dealing with sleep deprivation  as a mum.

Finally the third segment of the event is key for most mums… Baby Safety.  Accidents at home are a common cause of death for children especially babies and toddlers some of which can be prevented. It is important to have at least basic first aid skills.

Join us for a chance to equip yourself with vital knowledge on these three key areas as you connect with other mums and experts  as you  enjoy an afternoon barbeque.

This event is FREE and it is for MUMS ONLY (No kids for this one)   Since spaces are limited, register on this link:  Click Here.  We shall confirm to you that your application has received and confirm that you can attend. Feel free to share this invite with your circle of Mums and we shall be in touch with them as well.

Once again should you register and due to unavoidable circumstances you find that you cannot attend.  Please call us on  0721 851476  to cancel your registration so that we offer the slot to another deserving mum in good time. A 48 Hour notice will be appreciated.

For any further information about the event you can reach us on 0708 115132  or  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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