Top 40 under 40 nomination-maggie ireri, md ipsos synovate

“To be a successful professional woman the first thing one requires is the academic and professional  qualifications. This is what makes you get the job in the first place. Secondly, it takes passion and interest for the work that you do. I would advise women to identify something they have a passion for and the passion for the job will make you succeed .Thirdly, one has to put in a lot of hard work. Initially, as a young executive one may have to put in long hours to learn the job but as you rise upwards in your career,  you learn how to work smarter.

To succeed you also need to successfully work in teams and manage teams.Nobody can make it without a team.  So it is important to  value the opinion of team members. Spend time formally and informally with staff members to understand team by chatting with them and listening to them.  That way, we work towards the same goal, and know what motivates them and finally, since the buck stops with me, as a leader I am more decisive.

When it comes to inspiration, I am inspired by innovation. Innovation, in the work place really inspires me.  Working on new concepts and solutions that challenge the way we do things.  Empowering young people with additional skills and watching then move upwards in their career.

My life is also about inspiration and fun. I read and read. My favourite book is ‘The Outliers’ by Malcom Gladwell and  I also love to try out new recipes.”


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