Just like any other mother, my mum loved us dearly and cared for us. She never favored any of us over the other, and made sure that we all got her attention equally.

She was a loving and submissive wife to our dad. My mum was devout Christian and never missed a church service or mass. She also loved people, and embraced the virtues that her Christian faith preached. I admired her faith.

She was polite and humble yet a strict disciplinarian bent on making sure that we had good character. When we were young, her way of disciplining us was of course by the rod. But as we grew older, she embraced dialogue and reason. I am who I am today because of the way she brought us up.

Remembering Mum

My fondest memory of my mum is her selflessness and commitment to ensure that we did not lack. Nothing pained her more during those days we had to sleep on hungry stomachs, sent away from a house when unable to pay rent or lacked other basic needs. Despite the fact that what she earned barely sustained us, my mother was never afraid to do whatever it took for us to have food on our table, regardless of how other people would view her.  

I remember seeing her coming home with medicine bottles that she had picked from trash bins at Dandora dumpsite. She would then wash them and sell to patients at the dispensary where she worked as a cleaner. She was very resourceful. 

When she was given some lunch at the dispensary, she would save it and bring it home in the evening to share with us.  This really humbled and motivated me to work hard.

My mum loved living a simple life and taught us the virtue of appreciating everything we had. She was content with whatever she got. For her, it was one day at a time. She taught us patience, hard work and believing in a better tomorrow. She was always optimistic.

Mum was an easy person to deal with and she never complicated issues. She was a great listener and problem solver. On top of that, she was a firm believer in education and ensured that all of us went to school. Her struggles to better our lives has given me a strong foundation in my family life. I follow in her footsteps as I raise and care for my family.

I Miss Her

I was very open with my mum and we discussed almost anything. I remember introducing her to my husband when we started dating. And she was so eager to meet him and his people. This was way before I even started thinking about marriage. When she met my husband’s people, she welcomed them warmly and we became one happy family. She was also part of my engagement surprise party organized by my husband who was my boyfriend then. Together with my husband Oliver, we have two amazing boys. I have no doubt that my mum would have enjoyed every moment of being a grandma. I miss every moment of having a mum, and if it was my will, I would do anything to bring her back to life. I miss being a child, calling my mum, hugging her tightly and telling her I love her enough times. Now her memories are my life’s only solace.

I miss her wise counsel, both personal and work related. Being a motherless daughter is so hard in this cruel world. No one cares as she did. She was not only my mum but also my best friend and confidant. I wish she could be there for me to walk me down the aisle, share about my marriage, parenting and ministry. Her faith, love for God and love for people was on another level, this I cherish to date.

The fact that I am the first person in my family to step in a university and have a degree, it would be expected that I would dive into the career world and help salvage the financial dilemma my family was in. However, she never criticized what I chose to do as a career. She accepted my choice and supported me all through to the day she went to be with Lord.

I am a teacher by profession but was never employed as one as I was called to Ministry instead. I run a ministry for young poor pregnant girls in crisis. They all call me mum while their children call me grandma. I feel honored to be the one that they look up to, and it gives me great joy to be part of their transformation. My mum embraced my calling wholeheartedly and supported me in my venture . She was always present to offer advice whenever I needed her. She was my biggest fan.

My Mums Impact on Me

Her patience was out of this world. She forgave easily and worked hard to make sure that relationships are mended or repaired. My mum did not have anyone she called an enemy and never held grudges despite what people did to her. As a woman, I have learnt that patience is a virtue and forgiving divine. I remind myself to always be patient and teach my family and those around me to do the same. Just as my mum, I plug in to God always in everything I do.

Honor Your Mum

A mother is irreplaceable and one priceless gift a person can have. Your mum honored God by accepting the responsibility of carrying you in her womb for nine months, gave birth to you and raised you to be who you are today. She has been with you through bad and good times. Love and care for her, and if you are able to visit her often. Forgive where she has wronged or hurt you. Let it go.

Make her proud. A mother’s joy is when her children excel. Work very hard to make your mum proud whether she is alive or dead. If your mum is alive cherish every moment with her, some of us wish they were alive even for just a moment.

Mother’s Day

Is a day for me to remember and reflect on the sacrifices that my mother made for me to be who I am today. If she was here today, what would I tell my mum?

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM, YOU ARE MY HERO! Thank you for taking care of me and for the impact you have had in my life. I am who I am because of your selflessness and love. I will definitely choose you to be my mum even in the afterlife, or if we were in another country, continent, universe, or planet. Thank you for your legacy. Continue resting in peace SWEET MOMMA!

Happy Mother’s day! to my mum! and to everyone whose mum is in heaven.


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