Nicole Ngigi’s passion for widows

 My name is Nicole Ngigi. For the past 13 years I have been  an Office Administrator and also run an Image consultancy called Bella Borsa.

The company mainly seeks to support people or organizations going through a transition. We offer support to individuals, families and companies that want the slightest impact to be felt through a transition.  Some of these transitions include job interviews, space arrangements, ‘empty nests’, empowering sales’ teams, new mums, new brides, employee ‘stay’ interviews and many other transitions.

My passion for widows…

Under Bella Borsa  I also cater for Widows as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.hugbilha

My passion for widows was birthed in Church when God  touched my heart towards widows, I simply wanted to share a meal with a group of widows and spread Christmas cheer. I did not know much about widows and after much prayer and research, I hosted the first Christmas event in 2012 at Panari Hotel.  The initial response was 8 out of 10 invited ladies came. At this event, I also invited an Advocate for Legal advice, a nurse/doula for a wellness talk and a Church Minister for spiritual enrichment .

Considering that I had no background experience, being the first time I was excited with the turn out.  When the meeting was over, I knew that this was the beginning of an amazing journey in my life. I was inspired to go for ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ next time. It was at that point that my dream to be the Oprah of Africa began to unfold.  In the next year,10 out of 12 ladies invited attended and in 2014, I hosted 30 widows.

During the 2014 Christmas party, the widows  were gifted with clothing and shoes and they  loved them so much they swept the racks clean!  It served as a shopping experience for them and others to be a blessing during Christmas. I have also been able to give them gift vouchers at each party and I cannot thank Bella Borsa’s friends and partners enough for their support. In addition, for professional growth  I have  also managed to connect a group that was interested in business development to access SME mentorship.

My motivation…

 group pic copy

What has been my motivation since, is that as we go through our daily lives, we meet so many strangers every day. Realistically we cannot impact all the lives that we meet but we can do the little that we can to  reminded them that God loves them more than anything

Though it is uncommon to simply throw a party for a group of widowed ladies, I realize that they spend so much of their time in their homes and as such, attending these Christmas parties is stirring their hearts and they too have a reason to celebrate Christmas (mostly after many years since the loss of their spouses). It gives the ladies a sense of

Every Christmas as I meet the widows, including new ones who are added by their friends to the group. I strive to share the little I have and shared by well-wishers  and remind  the widows that  God still loves them. When I hug each one of them. My prayer is that they sense the embrace of God, as we are His hands and feet in this world.

If anyone out there wants to plug in for our initiatives and help out.

Please visit our webpage and see ‘Our CSR activities’, leave a comment or contact me directly on 0726089109 or write to us on . You can also visit our Facebook page-Bella Borsa Consultants, like it and stay connected to our updates on what we will be planning each year.



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