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Sylvia Wambui is an amazing woman- she states that like any other mum she is ordinary. We think is beyond ordinary, I remember our many conversations where at any one time she was trying to help one child or another suffering with heart condition.  Something she is very passionate about.
She has a beautiful daughter and lost her baby boy Jaden within a month. Read her story .

“I am married to an amazing man Alex and we are blessed with an energetic girl Samara. At 5 months while we were going about our normal lives, we discovered that baby girl had a “good hole in her heart”. This turned our lives upside down and called for a walk of faith. As a family we had mixed emotions and through our daughter we have learned to trust and wait on God. We had an open heart surgery in October 2011 and it was by God’s grace that we got through it.  Samara’s surgery was a success.

A few years later, we were also blessed with a beautiful boy, Jaden on October 13th 2012. At 3 weeks we discovered he had narrowing of the aorta and need a closed heart surgery. This sounded like a straight forward procedure. However, 2 days after a successful surgery and doing so well, Jaden had an arrhythmia- a condition where the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm. This caught us all off guard and he passed on Saturday November 10th, 2012.Exactly four Saturdays after he was born, he was laid to rest on 13th November 2012.”

Sylvia Wambui is courage at its best, on her blog she exudes positivity as she and her family tries to move on . She believes her experience has been a journey of hope, as she continues to witness God’s love and faithfulness in both the good and sad times.

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