Week 41

You might not have envisioned yourself ever being 41 weeks pregnant, but rest assured that plenty of moms-to-be go past their due date. Your OB may start to discuss the option of having a labor induction at this point, since babies that go too far past their due date may be at higher risk for problems. Make sure you ask the doc plenty of questions about what’s involved and what the risks are. And know that getting induced does have some positives (like not having to rush to the hospital while in labor!). At week 41, your doctor may also order a nonstress test, to be sure baby’s still doing okay in there. This will probably help both of you make a decision whether or not to induce.

Your baby’s the size of a jackfruit! 

week 41 1

Because of your baby’s extra time in the womb, he’ll likely be heavier and more alert at birth than a baby born earlier.

week 41 2

your baby at 41 weeks 

  • As you await his arrival, he’s plumping up a bit more.
  • And he’s growing his hair and nails even longer

pregnancy symptoms at week 41

your must-do’s

your nice-to-do’s

  • Take a walk. It’s not proven to bring on labor, but it certainly can’t hurt!
  • Have sex. For the same reason.

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