Tooth brushing tips for children

Milestones and general oral care tips:

  1. Infants with no teeth – Wipe with moist cloth or gauze square twice a day (morning and bedtime)
  2. After teeth – Use child’s toothbrush with a small amount (1/2 pea sized) amount of non-fluoride toothpaste
  3. Age Two – Begin teaching your child to brush (you still need to monitor them and brush their teeth where they miss)
  4. Age Two – Fluoride toothpaste at pea-size amount can now be introduced. Remember to use small portions of toothpaste (a pea-sized portion is suitable), and teach your child to spit out, not swallow, the toothpaste when finished
  5. Age Seven to Eight – Usually able to brush on their own
  6. Age Nine – time to start flossing on their own!



How to brush your child’s teeth:

  • Hold brush at an angle towards the teeth & gums
  • Use short strokes, moving brush back and forth
  • Brush the inside & outside surfaces of each tooth, don’t forget both top & bottom
  • Hold the brush flat to reach the top of teeth
  • Brush the tongue gently to remove bacteria
  • Floss your child’s teeth once a day

Fun Tips & Tricks to Get Them to Brush:

  • Let him/her brush your teeth
  • Let him/ her pick their own toothbrush
    • Battery operated toothbrushes are fun and can be inexpensive
    • Character toothbrushes
  • Use a step stool so they can see in the mirror
  • Get a children’s book on brushing
  • Everyone can brush together!


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