Your Weaning Essentials Checklist

Before you start to wean, it is important that you have the right equipment in order for the process to go as smooth as possible for you and your baby. Here is a checklist of what you will need:


Small shallow plastic spoons with long handles and soft tips are the best to introduce to your baby. From 6 months you can then move onto a shorter spoon that your baby can hold.

Having a spoon with a soft tip will protect your baby’s sensitive gums. By allowing your baby to hold their own spoon from 6 months they will be able to develop their utensil skills from an early age.

Plastic Bowls

Babies love to play with their food and pick up their bowls, so a durable plastic bowl is essential. We always advise parents to place a bowl with some food in front of your baby from 6 months of age. This allows your baby to try and feed themselves, giving them more control and creating a better feeding experience.

To keep things a little less messy for our mums we recommend you try out a bowl that sticks to your table so that it doesn’t end up being thrown around

Plastic Bibs

Are an absolute must!  as its going to be messy at first. A pocket design makes it an ideal choice for baby-led weaning, to catch those inevitable food flyaways. 





Blender and Steamer

You will need to invest in some equipment to prepare your purées.  

The best way to prepare vegetables for your baby is to steam them as this locks in all of the key nutrients which can be lost in boiling.

After steaming, you will need to blend your food down to the desired consistency depending on your baby’s weaning stage.

To do this, you can use a blender, food processor or baby food grinder. 



You should encourage your baby to drink from a cup from 6 months.

Fill a beaker up with freshly water and place it on the table with all meals so they will get used to the idea.

Choose a beaker with a soft, pliable spout to start off.

If your baby refuses one type of cup keep trying until you have found the perfect one.


Babies should be in an upright position when you feed them so that they are able to swallow food properly.

A secure, comfortable and washable high chair is essential for feeding your baby.

Storage containers

To store your baby’s food, freeze portions, carry snacks or meals on the go. Ensure to get storage containers with firm Snap-On lids to ensure no spillage.

Food Flask:

When your baby is more established at feeding, you will need to go out and about and baby’s tummy does not wait! That is why you need a food flask that is perfect for storing homemade food. The flask should be able to keep food cold or warm for six hours allowing you time to get the shopping done or meet up with friends for a coffee. 

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