Here are 6 things every new mum should know

You can’t really prepare to become a mom. “It’s like getting a whole new identity. “You have to adjust to this new self.” You also have to adjust to changes in your body, your emotions, your schedule and your laundry routine. And while you can’t learn everything ahead of time, you can get started on a few essentials.

1. It’s OK to Do Nothing

Accept it now: You won’t be organizing the closets during your maternity leave. Giving birth is arguably the hardest thing your body will ever do, and you’ll need time to recover. Plus, very few newborns nap happily alone for hours.

2. Newborns Eat More Often Than You Think

Bottle-fed babies need small, frequent feedings, and breast-fed babies need to eat even more often. Let go of measurements and timing, and let baby take the lead. Learn the early signs of hunger, like rooting and sucking fingers, and offer before crying starts.

3. You Also Need to Eat More Than You Think

If you’re breast-feeding, you need an extra 500 calories a day. And even if you’re bottle-feeding, your body needs nutrition to recover from pregnancy. Stock up on healthy snacks you can eat with one hand, and keep water bottles everywhere.


4. Baby Doesn’t Need a Lot of Clothes

Overheating is dangerous for newborns, so don’t wrap baby in lots of layers. He or she only needs one more layer than you’re wearing. So if you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt, then a pajama gown and a swaddle blanket is plenty for baby.

5. Diaper Rash Comes From More Than Diapers

Your newborn’s skin is incredibly sensitive and prone to irritation. Not changing often enough is usually the culprit, but sometimes it’s the wipes or the type of diaper. Try rinsing wipes off with warm water before you wipe baby, or use wet cotton balls. And if the rash doesn’t improve with frequent changes, good ointment and regular airing of the skin, try a different brand of diaper.

6. Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Always Feel Like Depression

Speaking of relaxing, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, angry and even panicky at times. But if sadness, anxiety or anger are getting in the way of your daily life, then you need to talk to someone.

Anger, anxiety or feeling on edge can all be forms of postpartum anxiety. If your emotions are making it hard for you to get through the day, you need to talk to someone.



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