Let’s talk about car seats

As a parent, a  car seat is one of the most important things you need to put at the top of your shopping list especially as you prepare to bring your bundle of joy home   Olive Gathinji of Deacons shares the reason why, and some important insights.


“My name is Olive Gathinji. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister.  Professionally, I spend a significant amount of my weekly waking hours as part of the marketing team at Deacons Kenya Limited.”

In Kenya, babyshop is a brand that is passionate about children from birth to 8 years of age. In general, it is a one stop shop for feeding, toys, nursery, baby basics and clothing.


Car seats have been viewed as a luxury product but honestly, they are a primary necessity for any parent or guardian who owns a vehicle. I am very relaxed in the vehicle with my children strapped in their car seats as I know they are safe…even if they fall asleep.

Since 2012, babyshop has conducted a child safety campaign each year to sensitise parents and guardians on the need to protect their little ones on the road, at home, during play – indoors and outdoors. The key campaign driver has been creating awareness on the use of car seats.


The brand is passionate about safety especially on our roads to prevent unwarranted deaths. Car seats are a must have because we know that they save lives. In a vehicle, they are safer than a parents’ hands because car seats are built to protect and save the lives of children.

 It is a common feature in Kenya to parents ride with their babies on their laps. I think it is from a position of ignorance.  For many years, even as we grew up, infants and toddlers would be ‘safely held’ in their mothers arms in the vehicle even at the front seat. Car seats have been viewed as a luxury product. There is a knowledge gap with regards to the safety of children in motor vehicles and the need to provide a car seat as a primary protective item.

From the time an infant leaves the hospital upon discharge after birth, babies should be placed at the back seat of a car in an infant car seat up to the age of 12 months, or depending on the weight of the child. Car seats offer special protection for baby’s delicate muscle and bone structure.

  Below are the car seats available for every stage:







Birth to 12 months

Infant car seat

Birth to 10 -13kg

Rare facing only


Birth to 4 years

Convertible car seat

Birth to 18kg

Rare and forward facing


9 months to 4 years

Toddler car seat

 9 -18 kg

Forward facing only

1,2 & 3

9 months to 12 years

High back booster

 9 – 36kg

Forward facing with or without harness

2 & 3

4 years to 12 years

Booster car seat

15 – 36kg

With vehicle belt only



When you install a car seat:

  • Do not place a car seat in the front seat of a car.
  • The rear or back seat of a car is the safest place for all children under 13 years to sit.
  • If the car seat remains in the car permanently, make sure it is regularly checked in is securely fastened.
  • Push your weight into the car seat and pull the shoulder belt to make sure the seat is securely held. There should be no slack in the seat belt.
  • Check for any forward or sideways sway once you have secured the car seat on the seat of the vehicle.
  • Check that the seat belt buckle is not resting on the car seat frame.

The car seat also comes with a manual with physical/practical demonstration so ensure that you read carefully.

All our Babyshop stores located at the Junction, Sarit Centre and TRM have car seats for all ages and stages of a child up to 12 years old.”

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