Week 42

  If you’re reading this, you’re one of the rare mamas-to-be who makes it to 42 weeks. And while you might be feeling like you’re going a little crazy, rest assured that as long as your doc is monitoring baby closely, she’s seeing to it that baby’s doing just fine in there. Its super rare […]

Week 41

You might not have envisioned yourself ever being 41 weeks pregnant, but rest assured that plenty of moms-to-be go past their due date. Your OB may start to discuss the option of having a labor induction at this point, since babies that go too far past their due date may be at higher risk for […]

Week 40

Happy due date — you made it! Since 40 weeks was the deadline you set for baby, you’ve probably already made sure the bassinet is made up, the car seat is installed and your hospital bag is by the door. Now, do some little things you might have forgotten, like making sure your cell phone […]

Week 39

Are we there yet? You’re probably feeling like you want to get this baby the heck out of you. We’re not sure, but the impatience and discomfort many moms feel around 39 weeks (and beyond!) might be nature’s way of getting you mentally prepared for delivery. Remember how freaked out you used to be about […]

Week 38

Yow! If you feel a sort of lightening bolt running up and down your legs (and in your crotch), don’t freak out. At 38 weeks, baby’s probably sitting pretty low in your pelvis, which means he’s bumping into all kinds of nerves down there — including some pretty sensitive ones you might not know you […]

Week 37

Get excited. At 37 weeks, your baby has reached full term. That means he’s developed his most crucial functions. Of course, he’ll get even healthier and stronger over the next few weeks, so don’t get too impatient. Around week 37, many moms-to-be find themselves organizing cupboards and scrubbing their floors. That’s the nesting instinct kicking […]

Week 36

Your due date is just four weeks away. Hasn’t time flown? Your once-poppy seed would probably be able to breathe on his own if he was born right now. (If not, he’d probably need some TLC, but he’d likely be okay.) Most of his systems are in working order at 36 weeks. Since baby really […]

Week 35

Growing, growing, growing. Yup, baby and you. You’ve reached 35 weeks, and your uterus has grown about 1,000 times its original size, a number that might sound exaggerated to everyone else — but to you it probably feels more like a million. You can expect to gain about a half-pound a week before birth, and […]

Week 34

Watch what you say! Your curious baby is listening in to your conversations at 34 weeks — and might enjoy a lullaby or two — so go ahead and sing to him. Some say that baby will recognize songs mom sings while he’s in the womb, and may even be more easily soothed by them […]

Week 33

We’d tell you to take a deep breath and relax, but it’s probably tough to do either of those at 33 weeks. It’s probably tough to be comfortable at all, since you might be feeling overheated on top of your other symptoms, too. But you’re probably getting super excited to meet baby, and we can’t […]