Fitness in teens-esther njuguna’s passion

“I am hardworking and independent-minded woman who likes doing the extra-ordinary. I enjoy great company of friends and family and love the thrill of adventure and trying out something new.  I love the outdoors and work best in the evenings yet despite this tough exterior I have a soft spot for kids and chocolate cake.

I am passionate about Fitness in Teens, the desire to leave a legacy led me to start observing the lifestyles of today’s teenagers.

My conclusion is that they are not as active as we were in our hey days of “bladder,” “shake,” or “daka-leng’a.” In those days play time would go on until darkness would fall before the game had to be put on pause or “pax” as we would call it to be continued the following day.

These days most teenagers would rather spend hours watching television, clicking away at their PS’s and Xbox or on their phones.All the while indulging on their favorite junk food.

So because our kids are not playing at home or in school, there is a drastic rise in child obesity and adult –like diseases like migraines, depression and ulcers.

 Hence the birth of Fitness in Teenagers  which was started  February 2012. A company geared towards helping today’s’ teenagers excises through fun-filled dance choreography as well as teaching them the importance of healthy eating.

Some of today’s parents are so caught up in chasing that elusive coin that they have delegated their role in parenting to the teachers or their care-givers at home.
Some are doing a good job of taking care of their health either by excising or eating healthy hence the children find it easier to emulate the example set for them by their parents. However the rest have left their children are left to their own devices.

Fitness In Teenagers in short F.I.T main goal is to teach teenagers the importance of exercise through dance fitness as well as develop healthy eating habits.

We have four programs:

•    CLUBS- where we approach a school and teach F.I.T as well as Cheerleading which is taught at Nairobi International School.
•    HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES: during the first week of every holiday F.I.T participates in a sports clinic that held at the Kianda School.
•    Boot Camp 4 Kidz a two-week daily dance and exercise programme that runs during the second and third week of the holiday.
•    PERSONAL TRAINING-geared towards children who would prefer a private session with an F.I.T Instructor.


Having been employed I did not like the feeling of confinement not to mention the hours you spend doing the same thing over and over. The monotony and routine of it all I felt was stifling my creativity so I opted to plunge into my passion and make it a success.

 F.I.T gives me the creative freedom to explore new ideas and implement them. There is no time restriction therefore I am able to dictate my working hours and work when am most productive.
Working with children of different age groups from as young as six years to late teens, you see life from a different angle and learn to be grateful even for the simplest of things.


Like with most start up businesses, the initial capital is very vital for it to come to fruition.
Thankfully I had some savings which I have used to take care of all the legal requirements as well as running the company to date.



The other challenge has been acceptance to change. F.I.T is a programme geared towards school going children and although we do carry out free demonstration classes in different schools for the kids to experience an F.I.T Workout, some institutions are yet to embrace dance as an alternative form of fitness compared to the conventional aerobics or sporting activities they run in their schools.


What keeps me motivated are the numerous hugs, the high-fives or the thank yous’ I will get at the end of every session.
Yes it is tiresome for the kids, you can hear them panting , their faces drenched in sweat but after one and half hours…the feeling of accomplishment and confidence that replaces that tired look would inspire you to start all over again!

My desire to see a generation that finds eating healthy and being fit a cool thing to do keeps me going because we are yet to heave an F.I.T programme running in all the schools.


Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
For any lady wanting to do business you must decide what your “treasure?” is. Once you know exactly what it is you want to do, go into it 100% because I can assure you self-employment is not for the fainthearted. It needs commitment and dedication and I can guarantee you that in no time you will begin to see the fruits of your labour.

We at F.I.T have chosen to invest in the young leaders of today so that when they mature they will be healthier, confident and stronger leaders of tomorrow.

I can best summarise it this way DECIDE+COMMIT=ACHIEVE

In my journey so far am grateful for the support of family especially my

my mum Mrs Kilimo who has always said “hiyo miguu ya kuruka ruka itakupeleka mbali,” meaning those feet that enjoy jumping will take you places.

A special thank you to my sister Naomie, husband Kassim, their two sons Athman and David and nieces Fairuz and Zulfa who were my first clients for Boot Camp for Kidz 2013. You guys are the best and I thank you for your continued support.

To my brother Tim whose sense of humour and agility in break-dance inspire me to be better than my best.

Last but certainly not the least, my husband John who has been the wind in my sails, my strength and number one fan. Who keeps encouraging me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Thus giving me the courage and determination to keep trying until now we can see the fruits of my labour.

(Interested in getting in touch with Esther? Email her on : Call : 0721 248014)

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