Akirachix-inspiring and mentoring young women in technology


Akirachix is group of  women technologists who use technology to create and connect and most importantly reach other women.

Akirachix aims to be the leading women’s network impacting Technology in Africa.  They plan to do this by inspiring and developing a successful force of women in Technology through key program areas of networking, mentorship and training 

The girls of Akirachix are inspired by their own experiences and backgrounds.  Before they banded together, they all went through the experience of people questioning their skills in technology because of their gender. Motivated by this, they decided to create a powerful force of women in technology who would change Africa’s future.

The programs they have initiated have been developed to reach young women at different levels, those in High School and University, those working in technology and those who wish to have a career in technology, making it an effectively wholesome program.

 They have had women in technology networking meet ups, hack-a-thons (2/3 day intensive programming events), boot camps (3 day intensive programming training sessions), a one year training program that targets young women from low income areas, a high school outreach program that goes hand in hand with a two week boot camp which targets high school girls during their school holidays.

 At the end of this year, Akirachix will host their first kid tech camp that will expose children between the age of 7-12 years the different facets of technology and design.

 Through technology, Akirachix believe they are raising and mentoring the next generation of women technologists. Believing that in the future, there will be more women changing Africa and the world through technology.

Want to partner or learn more about Akirachix? Email: owigarj@gmail.com

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Visit: www.akirachix.com

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