My miracle babies…

My name is Jackie, I call my babies miracle babies because I delivered them in very miraculous circumstances.

My first born came at 8 months, to me it was a normal day and I was scheduled to go for clinic on that day, so after my town rounds I was very active. I went for check up only for the nurse to tell me that am halfway dilated. It was now an emergency the doctors were called to stop the labour which I was not feeling but all in vain my water broke and I gave birth to my baby girl Hope Wanjiku Muriuki. She came legs first (breech) weighing 2.1 kgs was put in the incubator for two days and we stayed in hospital for one week.

Four and half years later, I conceive my second born in December 2010. I was happy, despite the extreme and excessive spitting. I had to carry a cup everywhere to spit on. My appetite was down but all was well with my first ultra sound at three months. I soldiered on and at 24 weeks during the routine scan, I was shocked to be informed that my baby had hydrocephalus and spinal bifida.


The shock was too much for me at first, I didn’t even know where to start but the doctor told  me to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible. Because nothing much can be done especially with spinal bifida, as it will involve surgery and the baby has already stopped growing. I remember telling the doctor I need to go and think and consult for a week because I had experienced a lot with this pregnancy. After talking to several medics and nurses they all advised to terminate the pregnancy.  I felt lost because I was wondering if I should terminate what God gave me, to me it was like refusing a gift.

I was traumatized and the only person who could help me in this was God. Eventually after a lot of soul searching I decided to terminate the pregnancy.  And my walk with God starts there, not that I didn’t know God or pray but I think I kept on asking for help then helping him help me. This time round I tell him from here henceforth the battle belongs to him, and as am seeking him and a bit lost I conceive again after a month. I was elated and embrace the pregnancy fully.


It went  well and I didn’t have any morning sickness the only thing makes me remember am pregnant is the  bump. All was well untill 28 weeks when I started experiencing pelvic pressure. I visited my gynae and he said everything was okl. I remember it was 13th December 2011, I had an exam at 11.00 am and was in school by 8.30 am. I started feeling a bit uneasy and after a while I start puking.  I called my husband to rush me to  hospital. While on Thika road around Pangani, there was a tight jam so we decide to branch to muthaiga. On reaching Muthaiga shopping centre I experienced a huge (rupture I guess) so the next thing I feel a big ball between my legs  and I slowly take a big shawl that looks like a blanket that I had carried with me and fold it nicely and put on the car seat. I squat on it and the next thing I see is a baby crying on the car seat. I delivered the baby in the car.

By now we are past Aga hakhan Hospital, so we drive back and the emergency team on that day does a good job receiving us without even asking for a penny. They stabilized the baby but could not remove the placenta manually as it was stuck.  I was taken to the theatre after long time of trying manually (I would prefer to have 50 babies than have a placenta removed it’s very painful). The baby weighed 1.0 kgs but dropped to 900 grams.

The baby stabilized and for the first three days, he could breathe on his own but on the third day he was put in the incubator after having difficulty breathing. We stayed in Aga khan for 1 month and since we had no cover and the bill was 1.7 million. We were transferred to Kenyatta hospital private wing we also took another month there and were finally discharged on the 10th February 2012 when baby was 2.0kgs.

This experience has made me know that there is a God in heaven and when you call him faithfully he answers. For the first time in my life I feel at peace knowing God is on my side and He fights our battles we just have to let him do it. I learnt that in all situations no matter how small or big let go and let God. The baby Levy Wachira is now 7months growing well. We had a bill of 2.1 million and all was cleared by well wishers. My boss gave me 9 months leave and am now back to work .God is able let him sort you and don’t help him. God is faithful and he is Happy and proud when we ask him for help.

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