Slim therapy-losing weight without sweating

Slim Therapy was born in November 2010. After I had my first 1st born (Karim ) I gained a lot of weight. This weight gain spiraled out of control when he stopped breast feeding and I kept eating like he was still breastfeeding.

I had a very sweet tooth and did not watch my diet at all! For a while, I wasn’t worried because it was very easy for me to gain and lose weight when I was in campus, without doing much. I did not realize that I was getting older and my metabolism was slowing down. Plus I was much less active than I was in campus (at least I was playing basket ball back then) now I was just enjoying my hard earned cash…at Java.

So anyway I tried going to the gym, but I could not commit, impact exercise was not my thing. So I looked for another option. And that’s how I
discovered electrotherapy slimming. A friend of mine had tried it and it had worked on her. So I decided to buy a home version of the machine use
it and it worked. From there, I started giving slimming services to other people and slowly the electrotherapy phenomenon took shape. I studied the best methodology behind it, and partnered with a nutritionist to get the most suitable and healthy diet to combine with the treatments. Slowly people in Kenya are beginning to accept it as a viable weight
loss option.

The highs and lows that I have experienced in my business are much related. When a client first walks into the spa more often than not they are extremely skeptical. It is human to doubt and most of them just don’t believe you can actually lie down and a  machine takes over your exercise regime AND makes you lose weight no matter how many success stories we tell them. They just can’t get their  heads around it. So most of my highs happen two weeks later when I get a call or sms saying OMG Liz my hubby/wife/friend is already commenting  that I look smaller, or OMG! Liz I can fit into some other jeans I had written off. I get so happy for them it takes me over the moon.
And the lows happen when a client is not exactly dedicated to the diet plan or the electrotherapy sessions and they don’t see as good
progress as they would have liked. I get demoralised because I know the   potential the treatment has, if taken seriously, and I hate to charge money and not deliver…but as I keep telling the clients we have to meet
half way to succeed.

Weight issues are a topic very sensitive with mums after child birth, I have had many clients from all walks of life and sometimes I have had to hone my listening and counseling skills because some weight issues come with a lot of baggage. Some client’s weight issues have affected their marriage to the point that they are strangers in the house or are in an abusive relationship which they connect to their weight. Some have very low self esteem. Some seem to have eating disorders. I always try to avoid giving advice as I am not a professional counselor but I always give a listening ear and try to encourage them to seek professional advice. If you are not happy with yourself to start with, then weight loss may not be the most suitable solution. It may improve your self esteem but soon you will notice another “defect”.

We have a branch in Nairobi: Museum hill Westlands Road, Maina house Apt 3, our website is, 0722/ 0735794968. We have a sister branch in  Mombasa Nakumatt city mall 2nd floor Phone: 0726716919
In the future we hope to partner with interested individuals to open  franchises in different towns which have had high demand for our services like Kisumu, Nakuru and Thika.

So now you know…you can lose weight without sweating it!

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