Simple tips to keep your skin glowing by nutrogena

  • To prevent breakouts avoid refined sugar, eat plenty of fruits, vegetable and whole grain foods especially antioxidant-packed foods and stay hydrated this can help promote healthy skin, so eat and drink up!
  •  For acne-prone skin cleanse twice a day with an acne cleanser. Cleansing too frequently can dry    out skin, and even acne-prone skin needs moisture. When it gets too dry, your already-fragile skin can get red and irritated, and the body overcompensates for the dryness by producing more oil (which can lead to more breakouts).
  • Good Skin Care includes using a sunscreen. Use a broad spectrum sun screen with at least SPF of 15. Re apply the sunscreen often when outdoors. A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer.
  •  We touch our faces 10-12 times an hour, but it’s not just hands that can bring on a breakout. Your phone, pillowcase, towels, sunglasses – even your hair – can transfer oil and bacteria to your skin. That close contact also blocks pores – trapping the acne-causing elements inside. So keep an eye on what your skin’s up against (and save face by cleansing twice a day).
  •  Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin — and a healthy state of mind — take steps to manage your stress.
  •  Find out what type of skin you have – Oil, dry or combination to ensure you use the right products that are suitable for your skin type.
  • Develop a skin care regime that includes Washing, Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning and Moisturizing.  Don’t forget the sunscreen after moisturizing!
  • Ideally get a facial once a month because that is how long it takes the skin to regenerate. A facial will cleanse the pores on a much deeper level and increase circulation of the blood under the skin. A facial is primarily about improving the look, feel and health of your skin.
  •   Oil-based makeup, when applied to your skin, can create a recipe for breakouts by clogging pores. Be sure all of your makeup, from foundation to eye shadow, is non-comedogenic (that means oil-free), and clean makeup brushes after each use, because they can hold on to bacteria and oil.


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