Don’t Skip the Veggies – Stick to high-water content vegetables that are easier to digest, such as lettuce, carrot and cucumber. These vegetables are good for all types of skin. Combine at least 3 and enjoy with a simple olive oil-lemon juice dressing.

Eat Like a Bird – Adding seeds and nuts into your diet will improve the condition of your skin. Nuts and seeds are a perfect food — they contain Omega-3s, healthy fats, and fiber to help in digestion. You can also try adding almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and other nuts to your cereals or having them as your afternoon snack.

Sip Some water and Tea – Stay hydrated throughout the day and give preference to warm liquids, such as herbal tea. Making some spicy tea with fresh ginger and lemon will wake you up in the afternoon and keep your digestion healthy, which is important for glowing skin.

Pump It Up – Keeping your muscles and joints healthy and toned helps you sweat out toxins. Exercise will also improve blood circulation, digestion, and give you a healthy blush! Choose the type of exercise that makes you feel good and gives you energy without exhausting you. Whether it is walking, jogging, dancing or boxing you should enjoy it and have fun moving your body.

Breathe In and Release – High levels of emotional and mental stress literally sucks out all the vital juices from your skin making it dehydrated. Deep breathing can be a very effective stress busters that you might want to consider.

Doze off with Sunset – Getting at least seven hours of sleep is a good thing when it comes to having a healthy and glowing complexion.

Take Skin Moisturizer to a New Level – Staying hydrated on the inside is important but you shouldn’t forget about taking care of your skin from the outside, as well. Cleansing and moisturizing are the most crucial to keeping your skin healthy and young. An oil massage is the best remedy for all types of skin.  For the best absorption, oil massages should be done at night. Moisturizers  makes the skin feel very smooth and healthy. Once a week give yourself a full body massage with oil. It stimulates healthy blood circulation, lymph drainage, reduces water retention, and keeps your romantic relationship exciting if it’s done by your partner!  A full body oil massage, calms the mind, leaving you feeling grounded yet focused and alert, and balances emotions.

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