Guide to getting lean

While we all want that Beyoncé figure and while we all assume that the only way to get it is to eat less, we are all wrong. There is nothing wrong with wanting an amazing body – your dreams are valid – however to reach this goal we must always factor in exercise and fitness in our master plan. So while you stare at yourself in the mirror circling in one particular area wondering “How can I lose that?” There are a few guiding principles that can help you look lean, like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

 Traditionally our mothers didn’t have to work out and bust it out in the gym; attending to their family was exercise enough. However as women in the digital age, a time when individuality is embraced over collectivism, our families look after themselves leaving us with more time to look after ourselves. Sir Francis Bacon once famously said “knowledge is power,” this could not be applied more seriously when it comes to getting lean. Understanding your muscles and what they are capable of is the most vital element to getting lean. Once you fully appreciate what your muscles can do you will know how far to push them and more importantly when to pull back.


After work or before work -whichever works best for you- when in the gym you’re breaking down your muscles and when our out of the gym they recover via diet, sleep and hydration.

Breaking down your muscles basically means training like a man but looking like a lady. Do not be afraid to push yourself, your body produces testosterone in order to adapt to the stress you place on it which eventually increases body muscle. It should be up to you in addition to your trainer to decide just how much muscle you would like to build and then maintain it.

When you’re outside the gym carbohydrates are your friends, you should spend quality time with them especially at breakfast and post-workout to maximize muscle recovery. Additionally you should hydrate like it was your day job. Ensure that you do drink half your bodyweight so that your muscles can remain saturated. And lastly, sleep! So that your muscles can relax while your mind does. 

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