9 Creative, Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Connect This Mother’s Day

While it’s so important to stay home and stay safe, that doesn’t mean social distancing is easy.  Whether you live in a different county, you have a parent who’s immuno-compromised, or you have a family of your own, not being able to give your mom a hug or have her shoulder to cry on can be really hard.

And so, as Mother’s Day approaches, you might be asking yourself: How do I make mum feel special at a time like this? We’ve got you covered with some creative ways to reconnect socially while practicing isolation techniques. 

Try these tips with your friends ~

  1. Send a silly video

Record a mini clip of you reciting a mini poem about mum, singing her favorite song or just listing all of her best qualities. Grandmothers love seeing fun videos of their grand kids, so don’t forget to include them in the script.

  1. Do Window Visits

If you live locally, stop by and say hi. Six feet can feel really far, but its close enough to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in person.

  1. Have A Mini Mother’s Day Parade

If you and your siblings live near mom or grandma, get everyone to decorate their cars and schedule a time to drive by her house. Be sure to involve the kids, honk a lot and bring the fun!

  1. Try a Virtual Cooking Class

Does mum/grandma love to cook? Set her up on Zoom and learn how to cook a family recipe from the master herself.

  1. Tour Your Memories

Teach Grandma how to Face-time and walk her through your fave family album. Then, ask her to share some pages from her most cherished album.

  1. Just Call

Sounds simple, but hearing a loved one’s voice when you’re isolated can do wonders.

  1. Opt for Snail Mail

This might seem like an outdated method of communication, but a handwritten letter is both sentimental and heartfelt. You can send it by postage or, if you live near enough to your mum, drop it off on her front door.

  1. Sync up your watch list

If you and your mum have the same taste in movies or TV shows, text each other and start watching at the same time. After the show is over, give her a call and recap all your favorite scenes and characters. If you’re binging a season together, plan a time that you will watch episodes, even while you’re apart.

  1. Take a virtual workout class together

For all the fit mother/daughter duos, we recommend that you do virtual workouts together. There are a lot of subscriptions you can sign up for right now that are cheap. If you Face-time each other and set up your screens, you can sweat together!

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